How to Improve your Chances of Winning a Scholarship – Part Two

Some ideas on how you can increase the number of credentials you place on your scholarship application. If interested in improving your chances of earning a scholarship, you'll want a completely filled-out applications with all the numerous activities you've been involved with. [...]


The Mensa Foundation Scholarship

Learn about eligibility requirements for the Mensa Educationa and Research Foundation. This organization offers scholarships locally which are the least competitive (compared to national scholarships) with decent cash awards. Find out about deadlines and application rules in this post! [...]


The Joe Foss Institute Essay Contest

Independence Day Scholarship Contest will allow you to show your pride for our country and possibly win a nice $5,000 scholarship. If you're a high school student and are looking for ways to pay for college, read about deadlines, application details and more for this scholarship. [...]


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