10 Gadget Giveaways for College Students

A few notable Techno-centric sweepstakes that’ll make life on campus a bit easier. Stay up-to-date with the latest gear without out spending an arm and a leg.

Apple put a halt to companies promoting its iPad and iPhone devices in giveaways as marketing strategies. They stipulate in their Guidelines for Third Party Promotions that neither the iPad, iPhone or an iPhone Gift Card can be used in promotional situations. Even so, there are still a ton of other gadget giveaways that can keep you more connected on campus like laptops, eReaders, smartphones and more. View the list of ten gadget giveaways available for a limited time. Also, to receive more timely updates from this blog, subscribe to the feed.

Zagg “Tablet A Day Giveaway”

Zagg, the manufacturer of skins and cases for electronic devices, has a special “Tablet A Day Giveaway” promo that awards a Kindle Fire to members who register. You can register everyday and if you share this info to your friends on Facebook and Twitter it can earn you up to three additional entries.

Be The Campus Hero With HP

Either register on the Zinch website or at the HP Academy Store to win a laptop of your choice from HP. Just give your best answer to the essay question describing how you’ll make a difference with your device.

Lightscribe Stress-Free Scholarship

Lightscribe, in partnership with Zinch, is offering a scholarship worth $500 and a ton of gadgets that could raise your productivity in college. Along with cash they’re giving away a Lightscribe Student Essentials Pack which includes ear buds, a 4GB smartpen, 5 notebooks and a carrying case to the grand prize winner.

MommyRamblings.org Giveaways

This site constantly reviews products then offers them as giveaway items to visitors. They’re currently giving away a Ruku 2 XS Streaming Player that allows you to stream movies and shows from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video and more. Bookmarking this site might earn you free items down the road.

End of Retail Kindle Fire Giveaway

Double your chances of winning a Kindle Fire by entering this gadget giveaway. Contest ends on May 5th so there’s still plenty of time left. Simply enter your email address so that you can be notified. Also, sharing this giveaway to a friend will earn you another entry.

Red Lobster’s Seaside SurPrize Daily Giveaway

Social media sweepstakes are all the rage nowadays. In an effort to increase “Likes” on Facebook, Red Lobster is giving away maritime related items daily through April 20th, 2012 from eReaders to giftcards and a day at the spa.

Windows Phone Free Time Machine Sweepstakes

Microsoft, in an effort to promote their new Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC Titan II, has unveiled their Free-Time Machine sweepstakes that awards Hawaiian vacations, gift cards to Best Buy, Amazon and Microsoft, and over 200,000 other prizes. They also have a Pintrest sweepstakes where all you have to do is re-pin a Nokia Lumia 900 shot on a board where you describe what you’d do if you had more free time and share the link on the comments section. Only two days left for this contest so hurry!

Bing Rewards

This isn’t necessarily a contest or anything, but it is an interesting incentive to search with Bing. This program rewards you credits simply by using this popular search engine for Xbox Live, Amazon gift cards, Skype and more. Simply register and stay active with Bing to rack up those credits. They also provide a credit counter so you can see how many credits you’ve earned. After you’ve gathered enough credits, you can redeem them from the list of available products.


This is a great site you should keep in your favorites. They offer tons of promotional deals and discounts for those who acquire a certain number of reward points. Currently they are running a $500 Best Buy Mobile E-Gift Card Sweepstakes which ends on April 30th. They have offer tons of other prizes throughout the year so check back often. To get involved, simply purchase coke beverages and look for the codes under caps, inside 12-pack boxes and on multi-pack wraps.

Shape Magazine Xperia Active Sweepstakes

Shape magazine is giving away the Xperia active Billabong Edition smartphone worth $369.99. Simply fill out the information on the contact form and wait to be notified if you’ve won. They’re also running a GE E1410SW Digital Camera Giveaway for those interested in photography.


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