November 2011

Weird Scholarships

This article discusses a few weird scholarships to apply for if you need a break from the traditional. Details like amount and sponsorship are included as well as the requirements for each. If you're in need of money for school and don't mind doing something weird to attain it, then the scholarships listed here might be for you! [...]


Film Scholarships

Pursuing a degree in film is no easy task. There are a lot of expenses involved and a lot of hard work. Film scholarships exist to award dedicated students pursuing a career in the film industry who exhibit high academic achievement as well as creativity and unique perspective in filmmaking. If you're a student in this field, check out a few of the scholarships available for you! [...]


Poetry Scholarships

Poetry Scholarships for those looking for financial aid through college. There is college funding available from, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. A brief rundown of each scholarship is given in this article as well as award amounts and other benefits of joining. [...]


Scholarships for Sophomores

It's a great idea to begin the scholarship search as soon as possible in order to capitalize on the time you'll have before enrolling to a university. There are many scholarships dedicated solely for sophomores and there a ton that don't care what grade you're in! Getting a headstart will prove to be a wise move, especially with all the work that goes into searching for the right university. And although there are a few scholarships that require you already be enrolled, scholarships dedicated to sophomores are available to you whether you're enrolled or not! [...]


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