January 2012

Bible Scholarships

A few Bible Scholarships for those who belong to the Christian faith. If you feel you're a spiritual person but still need a bit of worldly wealth to help fund your college tuition, seeking out Christian Scholarships is the way to go. Discover a few listed in this article as well as award amounts and other useful information. [...]


Community Service Scholarships

Useful information about a few Scholarships for those active in their Community that'll help you pay for your post-secondary educational expenses. Learn about what the scholarship amounts are as well as the eligibiltiy requirements. If you feel you have a heart for people or a particular cause or issue, finding organizations that recognize your efforts is a good way to keep college expenses low. [...]


Celebrity Scholarships

Learn about various Star-Studded Scholarships that'll help ease the financial load on educational expenses. If you've watched your favorite celebrity on television for years or are a fan of their music, in addition to bringing entertainment, they could help you pursue a career by paying tuition if you meet certain conditions. Find out who's giving away money and whether or not you're eligible. [...]


Acting Scholarships

Searching for Scholarships for Actors that'll help you get through college without huge student loan debt? Find out about a few that have nice cash awards and also learn what you have to do to obtain them. If you're a natural-born stage performer, don't let lack of money turn your college experience into a drama. [...]


Deaf Scholarships

Learn about a few Scholarships for Hearing Impaired Students availabe for those pursuing a college education. Provided is information concerning the scholarship amounts and the organizations who fund them. If in need of financial assistance and are a student experiencing various degrees of deafness, there are organizations and groups available to you to make life a bit easier. [...]


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