February 2012

Photography Scholarships

Included in this article is information about various Photography Scholarships to those who could use extra funds for college. If you're pursuing a career in photography, locating business and foundations that annually support students in your shoes is a wise move. [...]


Engineering Scholarships

Learn about various professional organizations that offer Engineering Scholarships to eligible students. If you could use some financial assistance to help you through college, joining societies and organzations dedicated to the field you're in could help. Find out what the various scholarships are and what amounts they award. [...]


Public Relations Scholarships

If you're studying to become a public relations specialist, find out a few of the organizations willing to offer you money for your educational expenses via Public Relations Scholarships. If you just take a little bit of time out of your day applying to a few of these scholarships, you might get a phone call congratulating you on your winnings. [...]


Accounting Scholarships

Find Accounting Scholarships and stave off daunting student debt after graduating. No matter what level you are in attaining a degree in accounting, there are plenty of scholarships available as long as you meet their eligibility standards. Learn about the varios societies and organizations handing out scholarships and what the amounts are. [...]


Advertising Scholarships

Included are a few Advertising Scholarships for students looking to save some money during college. Goldman Sachs, The Micheal Jackson Fund and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund all want to award the best individuals with the most promise substantial amounts of money so they can fulfill their dreams. [...]


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