February 2012

Video Contest Scholarships

Find a few Video Contest Scholarships and break away from tradition. Either provide your audience with creatively and thought-provoking short movies, or silly and fun to watch videos that cover a wide range of subjects. If you're in the mood to create something and need money for college, view the list of Video Contest Scholarships that let you do just that. [...]


September 11th Scholarships

If you lost a parent or a spouse on the attacks of Sept 11th, 2001, and are planning to go to college, there are scholarships available to you to help carry the financial burden. Included is information on award amounts and eligibility. Most of these scholarships are set aside for individuals who were struck the hardest financially because of the attacks. [...]


Scholarships for Women

Find out about a few female scholarships available from various organizations that want to help fund your education. If you're planning a career in the medical field, federal law enforcement or technology and can use some extra cash, learn about the requirements and award amounts to these scholarships to see if they fit your style. [...]


Environmental Scholarships

If you’re concerned with issues like climate change, environmental degradation, pollution and the welfare of wildlife [...]


Dance Scholarships

Interested in becoming a dancer? Going to an accredited institution or a quality dance studio will help you attain your goals. Though, with many in the performing arts industry, finances can be a hassle. If this describes you, find out about a few Dance Scholarships available to help finance your eductation. [...]


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