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5 Hospitality Scholarships You Need to Check Out

A few hospitality scholarships to apply for

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The cost of attaining a college degree in hospitality majors is on a steep rise and many students are often locked out of their dream careers. Moreover, the interest rates for both Federal and private student loans have increased, forcing many graduates to be hauled in huge debts as soon as they complete their training. Therefore, if you want to reduce the cost of college education in hospitality and to lower the loan burden after you are through with your studies, you need to check out for some of the best hospitality scholarships. With the scholarships, you will be able to cover the costs of living expenses, tuition and transportation with no obligations to pay back. Here are some hospitality scholarships you need to check out.

AH&LEF Incoming Freshman Scholarship

Created in 2008, AH&LEF Incoming Freshman Scholarship is an opportunity for students enrolling in undergraduate programs in hospitality to get funded through their education. With neither specific nomination nor specific school requirements, the AH&LEF Incoming Freshman Scholarship only requires students to meet the criteria stipulated by the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Foundation, to be incoming freshmen in fall, to enroll in full-time hospitality majors, and to maintain a 2.0 GPA. Student winners pursuing A.A. receive $1000 wile those pursuing B.A. receive $2000. The application deadline is May 1 every year.

Tourism Cares Scholarships offers a number of different hospitality scholarships that students can apply for. In total they award $50,000 worth of scholarships. The deadline for their Academic Scholarship Application is April 1. They offer scholarships for graduate students and high school seniors as well as a general scholarship.

Joseph R. Stone Graduate Scholarships

Funded by the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) and administered by the Tourism Cares, Joseph R. Stone Graduate Scholarships are 3 different awards of $2,500 each that are granted to students enrolled in four-year hospitality, travel or tourism programs in the U.S. or Canada. Winners are chosen on the basis of academic excellence and must usually be individuals who have maintained a GPA of 3.0 and above. The scholarship covers living expenses, tuition, books and educational fees, and its application deadline is April 15 of every year.

Achievement Scholarships for Hospitality Management

Accessed via the Rochester Institute of Technology, the school-specific and highly competitive award allows freshmen who are just joining hospitality management degree programs to receive renewable awards of $5,000 per year. The Achievement scholarship for Hospitality Management has a deadline of February 1st; and to be eligible, you must demonstrate outstanding leadership, have at least a SAT score of 1,200 and maintain an average performance of B+.

American Bus Association Scholarship

Founded in honor of George T. Snyder, the American Bus Association Foundation Scholarship offers awards to six different winners who are passionate about careers in hospitality, tourism and travel. The six students are usually chosen according to diversity and academic excellence. The application deadline for the award is April 1.

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