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Great Economic Scholarships

Economic scholarships to apply for

Students who are in the search for economic scholarships must find the fund that suits their best interests, according to their grade point average and degree level. A degree in economics can be a door opener for many employment opportunities. The field of economics is one of the best and high paying fields and you can consider choosing one of the following scholarships for this purpose:

The Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship

The Robert Bosch Foundation has activated more than three hundred American experts over a period of more than twenty years. This was possible because of a fellowship program lasting nine months in matters of German and European economy, politics and culture. The members get a sum of 1800 euros every month. Seminars can be attended in Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt. There are other countries included too: Poland, Czech Republic and Belgium. You need to be a citizen of the United States between the ages of 23 and 34 and to have a graduate degree. If you know German, it is even better. You can apply until the 15th of October.

Everett H. Smith Economic Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded by the University of Wisconsin (Madison) and the offered sum is of one thousand dollars. The GPA that is required is of 3.0. This value must be valid for all the completed courses. You need to own a declared Economics major and to have at least 2 semesters completed as a full-time student.

Enid Hall Griswold Memorial Scholarship

The award is given to all juniors and seniors who are following an accredited US university or college, with the desire to become a major in history, political science, economics and government. The value of the prize is of one thousand dollars and is based on the academic merits of the awarded student. Other two considerations are the financial need of the student and the commitment for study. Every year, the deadline is February 15.

John and Velma Mowbray Scholarship

The amount provided for this scholarship can vary. Female economic students are considered for this program. The giver of this award is a Rutgers graduate whose parents weren’t able to follow college studies. The parents have stimulated their daughter to follow a higher education institution. In their memory, the graduate has created the scholarship.

Meek Bishop Scholarship in Economics

Offered by the University of Wisconsin (Madison), the scholarship has a variable amount. There are certain factors considered for applications. You need at least twenty-four credits as an undergraduate student. The credits have to come from the University of Wisconsin (Madison) and you need a declared major in economics. Prior to graduating, you need to have at least two semesters completed. The overall GPA should be of at least 3.0 when you apply.

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