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Scholarships To Look Out For This Summer

Stay on top of your finances this summer by applying to scholarships

Just because classes are out in the summer doesn’t mean that you should not be looking around to see what scholarship options are available for you to benefit from. There are many appealing scholarships that are available right now for you to take advantage of. These include many great scholarships that are available for you to apply for during summer.

Golden Key Emerging Scholar Award

The Golden Key Emerging Scholar Award is for students who are looking to attend college and have many tremendous efforts to improve their communities. This scholarship is for $2,500 and is available for application until June 15. Students should submit short videos on what they plan on doing after graduation as a means of impacting their communities.

Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program

The Byrd Honors program from the United States Department of Education is available to students who exhibit strong performances in their studies and are looking to attend four-year colleges. This program offers individual awards in each state with an average award going for about $1,500. The deadline for most states is June 30 but this varies by each state that participates.

Tylenol Scholarship Program

Students who are studying programs in the medical field can qualify for scholarships of $5,000 or $10,000 in the Tylenol Scholarship Program. This is for students in the health care field and is available for application until June 30. Forty different students are chosen for scholarships within this program every year, thus giving students plenty of opportunities to learn more about the field and to become proficient through scholarships.

Wal-Mart Community Scholarships

The popular Wal-Mart retail company has offered millions of dollars in scholarships to students around the United States over the years. Today the company continues to exemplify students who make an impact in their communities by offering scholarships to students who have shown tremendous efforts in community service and academics. Wal-Mart offers scholarships of up to $2,500 each with deadlines around July 31 in most parts of the country.

QuestBridge College Prep Awards

The QuestBridge College Prep Awards are scholarships that are open to high school juniors who plan on applying for college in the fall of their senior years. Students will be reviewed based on their academic performance and financial need with the potential for students to get scholarships of up to $45,000 in value. This is a scholarship provided by an organization devoted to helping all students, including those in low-income households, to receive the financial support they need in order to attend college. This scholarship has an application deadline of September 1.

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