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The CrossLites Scholarship Contest

No minimum GPA for this scholarship

The CrossLites Scholarship Contest is an essay contest that has the purpose of helping students to know more about Dr. Parker. The participants can be students from high school, college and graduate school. You will have to write an essay of 400 to 600 words that is about messages and quotes belonging to Dr. Parker. Competitors will be students of your level and only one essay can be completed for every application and every year. Visit the website to apply.

Who Is This Dr. Parker?

Dr. Parker is a retired veterinarian who had values and principles beyond the ones of the average individual. He moved to Winter Haven (Florida) after his retirement, but his entire life was spent in the United States Department of Agriculture, within the Poultry Division. The doctor was passionate about people and he used to write down people’s names and the things they said to him for future remembrance. He offered money to individuals who really deserved them. The man died in 1980, but all the recorded messages remained. He read the Bible for two years before he passed out.

The Concept of CrossLites

The concept of CrossLites was born because of Dr. Parker’s desire of using his money for the benefit of people after he dies. Being published in 193 newspapers all over the United States, the idea simply flourished and it became even more popular after the Internet was available to the public. Just as Dr. Parker wanted, the messages can be used for encouragement today. They can bring hope and a positive mood to people in need.

Factors Considered for Winning the Contest

There are no minimum GPA’s and others cores required for participating to the contest. The messages and quotes of Dr. Parker are all listed on the official website. Judges have to establish a final score for each candidate that is based on different factors. The first factor to consider is the originality of the essay. The reflection of the essay is determined. The reflection is the way the quote can be related to something from your own life. The third factor is actually combination of two secondary factors: grammar and punctuation. One last decisive element is the content of the essay.

The Final Score

The score determined by the judges constitutes only twenty percent of the final score. The other eighty percent is decided by the votes of website visitors. Because of this, applicants should invite anyone they know to vote for them. An individual can only vote twice each day. The winner of The CrossLites Scholarship Contest is nominated after the voting period is over. The prize can be up to $4,000; the deadline for the application is December 15.

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