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The Most Valuable Student Competition by the Elks National Foundation

Info on the Elks National Foundation generous scholarship

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The Elks National Foundation is an organization that is devoted to offering support for high school seniors who live in the United States. This is all through the Most Valuable Student Competition.

The competition is available through the Elks National Foundation. This is a prominent fraternal organization that is dedicated to service and community support throughout the United States. There are many Elks Lodges all around the country.

One way how the Elks are helping to support their communities is through the use of this scholarship program. This program offers five hundred four-year scholarships to the most prominent and highest-rated students who apply for the scholarships.

This is good for high school seniors to apply for. These seniors do not have to be related to any Elks members in order to qualify for these scholarships. Students can apply for this scholarships before December 4.

These scholarships are available at values from $1,000 to $12,500 per year. These are available for all four years of one’s education, thus meaning that a student can get up to $50,000 for one’s college expenses over the course of four years. However, only two students in the country will be able to take home the top scholarships. Still, there are five hundred total scholarships offered with a total value of $2.44 million in coverage for four years of studying for all of these students who receive them.

These scholarships are for students who are looking to pursue their studies at four-year schools around the United States. These students are to be full-time students as well.

The students are judged based on their merits and academic qualities and will go through local, regional and national analysis. The top twenty finalists will attend the Elks Leadership Weekend in Chicago in late April and will be interviewed in person to determine who will be eligible to get the highest honors. The students who are interviewed will receive four-year coverage from $20,000 to $50,000 depending on what positions these people receive in terms of their interview results.

The Most Valuable Student Competition is a prominent scholarship offer by the Elks foundation that will help students to cover their college expenses. It is critical for all high school seniors who are looking to attend college to see how they can take advantage of the program in the hopes of potentially getting the best possible chance to cover a majority of expenses relating to their educations. This is all thanks to the support from one of the best entities around.

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  1. Monica Matthews, // June 20, 2015 at 8:46 am // Reply

    The nice thing about the Elks Scholarship is that even if a student does not get promoted to the next level of the scholarship, they still might win something from the local chapter. That’s what happened to my son. He won $1000 from our local Elks. 🙂

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