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The Scholarship For Design Students

Apply for this annual scholarship

Design Students Working is a popular website that offers custom printing solutions for all sorts of items including photos, shirts, stickers, business cards and more while also offering support for different templates. The website works hard to ensure that businesses and other parties can advance and move forward in their efforts. This same attitude is being exhibited today through the new Scholarship.

The Scholarship is a program dedicated to offering help for students who are looking to cover their college expenses. The scholarship is specifically available for students who are majoring in the fields of graphics arts, design or other related fields. The scholarship is officially called the Artistic Excellence in Print Design and Marketing Scholarship. The Deadline is November 30.

Students who are interested in getting into this scholarship will have to be enrolled in a qualifying program at an accredited school in the United States and must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Also, a personal marketing package that promotes one’s work must also be included. This package will include a business card, a flyer, poster and brochure. Each piece is required as a means of showing one’s skills in the field while also explaining one’s overall efforts in terms of achieving a higher education.

An online portfolio may be sent out as well as a full physical package that may be sent out by mail. If an online portfolio is to be sent out then it must be done through a proper .edu email address that has been officially recognized by the school that the student is attending at the time that the application is being sent out. The remaining parts of the scholarship will be available on the website.

The scholarship will be good for $1,000. This is a one-time scholarship that is offered to an individual student who qualifies for the program.

The due date to apply for this scholarship is November 30. The award will be given out by the end of the calendar year as all applicants will be properly analyzed to determine who has the best potential credentials in order to receive coverage through this program.

The Scholarship is a program that will provide participants with plenty of support for their educational desires. This scholarship will work well for those who are interested in entering into the field of graphic design while also allowing students to exhibit their skills and show that they are among the best candidates for the jobs that they are interested in getting into.

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