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The Sixt Rent a Car Scholarship

Info on the Sixt Scholarship for high school seniors

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The Sixt Rent a Car Scholarship is offered to students every year to support their desires to go to college. The award is available to students every year by Sixt Rent a Car, a German company that has thousands of car rental locations in more than a hundred countries in all corners of the world and has just recently expanded to include services in the United States.

Sixt is offering this scholarship through its American division. The Sixt Rent a Car Scholarship is for high school seniors in the United States. These seniors must plan on enrolling as full-time students at a proper two or four-year college. The scholarship is available to students who have GPAs of 3.5 or higher.

Sixt has created this scholarship as a means of helping students to achieve their full potential. These include students who have shown over time to be proficient in their efforts. In fact, this easy scholarship became available for the first time in 2014 and there is a strong potential for Sixt to expand its scholarship program in the future. This start to the program is a sign of the strong commitment that Sixt is looking to offer to the national community and to assist students in reaching their dreams of further education.

A student will have to send in a proper application form plus the newest edition of one’s certified high school transcript. The first five hundred applicants will be fully reviewed and this is available throughout the entire country so it is critical for students to ensure that they sign up for this scholarship as soon as possible in order to become eligible.

This scholarship is offered annually by Sixt with an application deadline of March 3. It is not renewable and it does not require the participant to attend a specific school outside of one that is properly accredited and is based out of the United States.

Five scholarships are offered every year within this program. Students who qualify can get an award of $5,000. This amount of money does not have to be repaid.

Sixt does require students to apply for the award with a special application. This application is available through the official Sixt website within the United States.

This scholarship is available for students who have shown their talents in school and are looking to continue to exhibit their talents in college. This scholarship from Sixt will help to cover thousands of dollars of one’s expenses for college and is worth exploring today.

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