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What are the Top Careers to Pursue in College

Promising careers to take a look at

When it comes to getting a college degree, most high school seniors find it difficult what to decide on. This is understandable since most of them are at the age where they are entirely unsure of who they are and what they want to be. So asking them to choose a career that they will be doing in the future is a bit difficult to answer.

If you want to have an idea on what the top careers to pursue in college are, then it would be a good idea to check the top paying jobs that require a college degree.

Health Related

• Nurse – Nursing is definitely a top choice right now. Not only does it have a very good starting pay, but the demand for them is near inexhaustible right now. With the ever-aging population and increase to patient-to-nurse ratio, demand for nurses is very high and will likely remain high for the next decade.

• Pharmaceutical Representative – Another highly in demand health related job right now is the pharmaceutical rep. This job is very appealing to most fresh grads since it offers tons of perks like the use of company cars on top of the very good starting pay. This is essentially a sales job so good people skills and knowing how to sell is an asset. However, you also need to be well-versed with the science behind the drug you are selling the doctor so you need to understand the scientific background as well.

Information Technology

• Software Developer – Silicon Valley may not be as rich as it was before due to the dot-com bubble burst a few years back so the IT field is not as hyped nowadays as compared to before. However, this does not mean that there are no longer good jobs in the industry. Software engineers and developers are still very much in demand especially if you choose a language that is specialized. The salary is good and promotions are fast due to the industry being fast-paced.

• Network System Administrator – Nowadays, any company makes use of computers and computer networks to function daily. As a SysAdmin, you are tasked not only to keep the networks of computers running smoothly but you are also tasked to make sure that the network is secure from any kinds of hacks or outside interference. The job requires plenty of technical know-how but it pays extremely well in return.

Business and Finance

• Financial Analyst – This is good for people who are good with numbers. This is a very lucrative job as fresh grads can get a high starting pay right off the bat. The field has taken a bit of a hit due to the recent economic problems but if you stick with it and get higher degrees, you can actually earn a very huge sum yearly.

• Investment Banker – Despite what has happened with the current financial crisis, investment banking is still a very strong career choice. It gives one of the highest salaries to fresh grads but also entails a lot of work. However, your efforts are sure to be rewarded.

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