5 of the Top Online Colleges Today

If interested in receiving education online, check out these institutions

The Internet has opened the world for brand new learning opportunities. With video, audio, and textual information incredibly easy to pass through electronic means, it is therefore not surprising that colleges are going online to reach a wider array of students. By enrolling through one of these colleges, you have the opportunity to learn in the comfort of your home and while doing other activities.

When learning online, however, choosing a good college is even more important. Following are just few of the top online colleges that you can enroll in with a satisfaction guarantee:

University of Central Florida

Offering roughly 20 bachelor’s programs, the University of Central Florida has all these lessons available online. The cost of college tuition in this program for every semester clocks in at around $3,300 which is decently affordable. With a strong reputation, the university managed to deliver a quality of online education practically at part with their offline learning system.

Fort Hays State University

Per semester tuition for this university average at just $3,247 which makes it even cheaper than Florida’s university. They currently have 24 bachelor degree programs on offer, all of them accessible purely through online means. Most of the programs include business education, management, and education specializations. You may also pursue humanities and social sciences through their online teaching.

Bellevue University

Perhaps one of the best choices in the list, Bellevue University offers 46 levels of bachelor’s degree, making it one of the most extensive universities with fully online offers. Although the average cost per semester is close to $6,000, their delivery program is worth it. Basically, you can choose between the flex and the cohort method. The cohort method offers access to other people who are in the same course. Through these cohorts, you will be pushed through a fast-paced learning, allowing you to quickly finish the degree. Flex is for individuals who want a more relaxed system. Basically, you will be given the units and allowed to just push through with each topic, passing through the ones you know quickly while giving you the chance to concentrate on the tough subjects. Note that the flex method is only available if you have already credited 60 learning hours.

American Public University System

With tuition of around $4,000 per semester, the American Public University System offers around 43 different degrees. A favorite for service men, you have the chance to choose among criminal justice, business administration, homeland security, history, emergency & disaster management, sports & healthy management, intelligence studies, and so much more.

Arizona State University

Last, we have the Arizona State University with 47 different degrees online. However, they also offer non-bachelor and specialization programs numbering to more than 80, giving you an extensive array of choices. Slots are opened 6 times a year, which means that you can start at any given date depending on which one fits your schedule best.

Of course, those are just few of the top online colleges today. Your pick should depend largely on: (1) the course you want, (2) the learning method you prefer, and (3) the tuition. The good news is that with so many options, finding the ideal university should not be a problem.


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