500 Word Scholarship Essays

Don't have a lot of time to write? Check out these scholarships!

Check out a few of these easy scholarships that require only 500 words. If tired of writing lengthy essays, learn about eligibility requirements for these 500 word essay scholarships.

There are many different types of scholarships. Some require the applicant to have a particular ethnic or socioeconomic background. Others require a certain grade point average or level of scholastic achievement. Still others require the student applying for the scholarship to demonstrate some skill to the organization before the scholarship is granted. One skill in high demand with organizations that give out scholarships is the ability to write well. Many scholarships require the applicant to write some sort of essay to prove they have a decent command of the written word and also to show the scholarship board a little bit about themselves. In this article we will go over three scholarships that require 500 word essays.

Oz Moving & Storage Scholarship 2014

This scholarship is offered by Oz Moving & Storage. They recognize that college can be incredibly expensive for students and their families so they decided to create the Oz Moving & Storage $1,000 Essay Scholarship. This scholarship is available to students in high school or undergraduate students in college. The Oz Moving & Storage scholarship is available to one student every year and has a number of rules regarding the essay. The essay must be at least 500 words and each student is only allowed to apply once a year. Plagiarism will also immediately disqualify an applicant.

Principles Scholarship Essay Contest

The Principles Scholarship is offered by www.freecountry.com and is intended for people who not only talk about principles but live them. The company who gives out the scholarship highly recommends that you visit their website and learn about their principles before you submit an essay totaling 500 words. Ideally the essay will be about something you believe strongly in- either a political, religious or personal cause. If you decide to take a shot at this scholarship you need to apply before May 31 2014. The winner of the scholarship will be decided by the team at Free Country and the results will come out on June 15, 2014.

Big Fish Games Annual Online Scholarship

Big Fish Games has elected to help out a student who needs help with their college tuition. They have created a 2500 dollar scholarship that will be awarded to one student who they deem fit based on the essay they submit. In order to apply for this scholarship you must send them an email with your personal details like your name, address, email etc as well as a 2500 word thought provoking and well researched essay. The essay will be judged by Fish Game members and they will come to a conclusion as to the quality of your essay and if you should be awarded the scholarship.


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