A $10,000 Scholarship from an Online University

Online colleges are vying for you attendance with hefty scholarships.

A university’s reputation becomes better when it attracts the best and brightest. At the same time, schools realize that it can be very expensive to complete your degree. Sometimes, the most intelligent and hardest working students don’t have enough money to make their educational dreams come true. A $10,000 scholarship from an online university would be a great way to defray the costs of schooling. Here are details considering the scholarships offered by the Kaplan University and the University of Phoenix.

Kaplan University Celebrates More than 70 Years of Education

Originally called the American Institute of Commerce (AIC) during the Great Depression, Kaplan University helps workers document their skills with an official degree. Mr. Stanley H. Kaplan gained prominence through his ability to increase test scores. In 1937, Kaplan University expanded its reach becoming a destination for paralegal studies, information technology and criminal justice.

Kaplan University Scholarships

It seems like so many expenses are increasing: groceries, gasoline and even tuition. But in the modern era, a college or university degree is a requirement for many fields. Businesses, governments and organizations do not have time to waste hoping that an applicant can learn the skills required for a job.

Surviving the Great Depression, Kaplan University understands the challenges of tough economic times. Kaplan University offers a wide range of scholarships for the single-parent, military family and high school achiever. You can earn up to $750 per-term in scholarship benefits, which could total more than $12,750 for eligible students. Check out the website at “http://www.kaplanuniversity.edu” for eligibility rules and to get the forms for your scholarship.

University of Phoenix Founded in 1976

Since 1976, the University of Phoenix has been focused on providing more convenient class times, online accessibility and scholarships for working adults. With more than 100 locations around the world, this university is an online pioneer offering a great way for students to study on their schedule.

University of Phoenix Scholarships

The University of Phoenix promotes itself as a great way to finish your uncompleted degree. Primarily concentrating on nursing, criminal justice and technology fields, Phoenix has something called the Phoenix Scholarship Reward Program. This program allows you to earn credits as you make progress towards completing your bachelor’s degree.

Your scholarship will be explained in a “Memorandum of Understanding” that you sign with Phoenix. Over the first 52 weeks, you must complete 24 credit hours towards your bachelor’s degree. This initial progress will lead to tuition reduction for each subsequent course. The maximum total award is $10,000 for this degree program. Read more at “http://www.phoenix.edu”.


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