A $1,500 Scholarship from ScholarshipDetective

Some details on an easy scholarship from ScholarshipDectective, a brand new search engine for students looking for financial aid. If in need of $1,500 dollars for school but don’t have a lot of time, you might want to try your hand on this one.

ScholarshipDetective is a new site (currently in beta so there may be a few bugs) celebrating their launch by offering a $1,500 scholarship to those who are willing to give some basic contact information and answer the question “How will you use this scholarship?” in 140 characters or less. And in fact, the answer is optional so all you really need to do is provide your contact information. The deadline is May 31, but since all that’s required to apply is a short form, that should be more than enough time to get your entry in before the due date (Happy Memorial Day by the way).

How to Win and Eligibility Requirements

Entries will be selected based on how well they answer the question, but they’ll also have a “second chance” winner who will be selected by random drawing (which is why the question is optional). To increase your chances of winning though, it might be a good idea to try to write a home run response since it’s only 140 and $1,500 is a lot of cash. It’s up to you. Give it the old college try (pardon the pun), or just let fate decide and simply complete the contact form. As far as eligibility, there are really no restrictions. High school juniors and seniors are encouraged to apply as well as those currently enrolled in a post-secondary institution, graduate students and adult or non-traditional students. Winners will be notified by mail so be sure to give your real address.

Where to Find more Easy Scholarships

If interested in finding more easy scholarships like this one, be sure to check out the Easy Scholarship Lists page which include 2.5 GPA minimum scholarships, scholarship sweepstakes, no essay scholarships, weird scholarships and your garden variety easy scholarships. Also, subscribe to the feed to receive more updates on easy scholarships and anything related to college finance on your preferred feed aggregator. Of course, if you’re not into feeds, simply bookmarking this website is a good idea too.


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