A Few Basic Scholarships for Doctors

Save money in medical school by applying to these scholarships

Healthcare Scholarships

Becoming a doctor can be a great thing for anyone to consider but it is important for people to consider how it can cost a great deal of money to get into any school to become a doctor. However, there are many scholarships for doctors to take a closer look at today.

Be sure to check the terms and deadlines for these scholarships to see if you can apply for them and if you have a good deal of time for whatever is open for your needs. You will be amazed at the variety of scholarships out there but this is a good list to start you out with finding coverage for your costs.

Doctors on Demand Scholarship

The Doctors on Demand Scholarship is offered through an organization dedicated to the field of video medicine. The scholarship is good for $5,000 and is for students who are looking to enter into technical fields of medicine and health. Students are required to write short essays on the medical field and what it is that inspired them to get into this field. The deadline for the scholarship is July 31.

Alliance Grassroots Honor Fund

The Alliance Grassroots Honor Fund is a scholarship that offers $10,000 to a qualifying student who focuses on many healthcare-related functions for the care of women and children. This works for students throughout the entire country but the deadline to apply for this particular scholarship will be August 31.

AMA Foundation Seed Grant Research Program

The American Medical Association Foundation’s program will provide up to $2,500 to students who study in the fields of cardiovascular disease and cancer development. A $5,000 grant may also be available to those who are studying the development of neoplastic diseases. This is available to those who are members of the AMA as well as those who are not. The deadline for applying for the scholarship will vary by each calendar year so students will need to check the AMA website for details on what is open with the scholarship.

NHSC Scholarship Program

This program from the National Health Service Corps is for students who are in accredited programs to become dentists, physicians, nurse practitioners or physician assistants. Students may receive $5,000 in coverage for their educational needs but the value will vary based on the student’s needs and what one has been doing in the field. The scholarship’s application period begins in March and the deadline is typically in May although this varies by each year.

All students will need to compare these options to see what they are eligible for and if these scholarships fit their needs. These are critical scholarships for students to use as they can help with covering many costs associated with going to school in a field where tuition can be already high in value as it is. You can find more medical related scholarships here.


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