A Post Dedicated to Women Searching for Scholarships

A lists of posts that deal specifically with women. These mainly include scholarships that women can apply to from a variety of organizations and businesses.

This post primarily exists to aid women actively searching for scholarship info. Here you’ll find lists of scholarships for women, girls, single mothers, stay-at-home moms and more from a variety of different organizations and businesses. The scholarships here can be for traditional and non-traditional students that are interested in attaining a degree without taking too much out in student loans. If you fall into any of these categories, you’re encouraged to apply so that you can receive free money for school!

Scholarships for Developing Countries – If from a developing country, here are a few scholarship programs from colleges and universities across the globe. For many women in famine-stricken areas, the pursuit of education is the only means of escape. Some areas even deny women of adequate education. Here’s a list of a few scholarships from developing countries that should help many women break-out of situations like these.

Scholarships for Women – View this short list of scholarships for women from various organizations seeking to give women a greater presence in the professional world. These come from organizations and businesses from fields women aren’t particularly known for.

Scholarships for Single Mothers – Being a single mother can be tough. And if deciding to go back to school, you may need some financial assistance. Here you can find a short list of scholarships for single mothers that should aid you in your pursuit of a degree.

Easy Scholarships – This is just a long list of easy scholarships from various sources that should help get you started in paying for college. Programs include government funded resources, online college search engine sites and more.

Scholarships for Mothers – Well, you may be a mother but you aren’t single. Nevertheless, it’ll still be helpful locating scholarships that cater specifically to moms. If you’ve been a stay-at-home mom for awhile and are looking to get into the professional world, check out a few of the scholarship programs listed in this post. Alternatively, here’s a list of easy scholarships for moms if you could use some fast cash!

Social Work Scholarships – According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2008 79% of social workers were women. Not to throw any stereotypes around, but social work is a very nurturing job which many women, based on natural tendencies, are simply drawn too. Social workers help children suffering from abuse, deal with mental, behavioral or emotional issues. And simply play the role of supporter for many individuals facing problems.

Scholarships for Girls – Here you’ll find a list of scholarships set aside for girls planning to attend college. The scholarships in this post range in purpose, but all strive to give women better representation in select male-dominated career fields.

No Essay Scholarships – For those who aren’t interested in writing, check out a few straightforward no essay scholarships available. Typically, no essay scholarships substitute writing for a different activity (creating a video, random drawing, painting, etc). If you feel bogged down with traditional scholarships, try diversifying the types of scholarships you apply for with these no essay scholarships.

Weird Scholarships – If you really want to break the mold, applying for strange and obscure weird scholarships might do the trick. These programs are so abnormal that they truly stand-out from among the crowd. Just be aware that since these scholarships are so weird, the eligibility requirements are somewhat narrow because they cater to individuals outside the mainstream.

Financial Aid for Single Mothers – Besides scholarships for single mothers, you might be a bit more interested in what kind of other financial aid is available. If that’s you, check out what this post has to offer.

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