Find Freelance work Specifically for College Students offers convenient ways to make money while in college.

Many college students find work inside and outside their campuses. Students use classified columns, college newspapers and other traditional avenues to find part time work during college or after completing college. Clearly, there was a need to build an online platform to connect students with prospective part time employers. Flinja was born out of this need to help students convert their skills, passions and talents into money.

This company offers students with the following services:
• List the services to prospective clients.
• Find jobs from verified clients.
• Find jobs from safe and verified sources.
• Allow alumni to offer jobs and provide support to current students.
• Cash your skills with the help of a unique platform.
• Search for potential openings within your college network.
• Show photos and videos of people who offer work and students ready to work.
• Be part of a safe and secure online community of students and employers.
• Allow students to read reviews, and post reviews.
• Be part of a community with checks and balances on every transaction.
• A platform for current students and alumni to meet and network.
• Build contacts and build resume before facing real world challenges.

This business works similar to typical networking websites, and is easy to join:
• Setup a new account using your college .edu email address.
• Post your services – provide a description of your services and the amount for your services.
• Establish connections – Flinja allows you to find, build and establish connections.
• Collect Payments – they also collect and hold the payments on your behalf. This guarantees the payment when the service is completed.

The company promises prospective members with 100% support on a 24/7 basis. Additionally, Flinja provides an extended local network that can help you with your job searches. They also offer a great marketplace for students to reach out to alumni and other employers.

Flinja provides additional services to detect fraud, and handle any disputes. They help resolve any disputes between the student and his or her employer. Job seekers can decide the price for their services and they’ll take a 10 to 15% cut from the payments received using a third party payment provider to handle all payments.

This company started its operations for students at USC and UCLA. They’ve expanded into various universities including Stanford and have successfully built a community of talented workers from universities around the country. Most students find tasks such as babysitting, translations, tutoring, driving, writing and moving services.

They’re a start-up company that has really connected college students and alumni with a common goal. Today, hundreds of students utilize the services offered by Flinja to find temporary jobs and earn money. These jobs provide value to the job providers, and also help students to build real world experiences.;


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