A Rundown of LPN Tasks, and how to find Online LPN Programs

Information regarding online LPN Programs and assistants on how to find one nearest you. Details of what LPNs typically do on a daily basis is included in this article as well as scholarship programs available to those pursuing education in the nursing field. Being an LPN requires someone who is patient, kind and is willing to assist an individual who cannot perform certain tasks on their own. Read a brief overview of a few of the courses invovled and what it takes to be qualified.

An LPN does most of the grunt work within the nursing profession. They’ll tend to the elderly or people bedridden with illnesses by bathing, monitoring catheters, giving massages, injecting medications, dressing, performing enemas and taking care of the overall day-to-day well-being of a patient. They’ll spend the most time with a patient, becoming familiar with his/her personality, thereby proving to be a helpful companion to those who can’t do these things for themselves. It’s important that LPNs are compassionate and friendly since they’ll often see the patient in vulnerable positions. Places LPNs will work include outpatient care centers, assisted living facilities, home healthcare services as well as physician’s offices and many others. It’s important that all Licensed Practical Nurses agree to background checks to the FBI since they’ll be around people who are often in vulnerable positions. They check your criminal history to identify any behavioral problems that’ll cause you to be unsuitable to work as an LPN. This is a crucial step since there are still cases of abuse from LPN’s at residential care facilities even after submitting to a background check either by neglecting or mistreating a patient.

Qualification for Online LPN Programs

Searching for online LPN programs is a difficult task as this type of profession requires hands-on training in order to be completely proficient on the job. Generally, to be qualified for license you need to have graduated from a nine month program in practical nursing registered by the State. Many community colleges will offer LPN programs that include clinical practice, the fundamentals of nursing and an Intro to Pharmacology. To be eligible for LPN programs you need a high school diploma or an equivalent (GED). You’ll also have to take an LPN entrance exam which will cover English, science, math with the science portion focusing on anatomy, physiology and biology.

Find a Hybrid of On-campus and Online LPN Programs

To search for LPN programs nearest you, just visit your State’s Board of Nursing to locate colleges with state approved curriculum. Be aware that not all State Board of Nursing sites are equal. Some can lead to frustration with complicated and poorly organized sites offering very little help, but others, like Nevada’s State Board of Nursing, are a bit easier to handle. There you can find state approved programs from various community colleges and investigate whether they offer a hybrid on-campus and online LPN programs.

Nursing Scholarships

If in need of financial aid, there are plenty of scholarships available that you can apply for to help fund your education. TravelNursing.org offers a Nursing Education Scholarship to those pursuing education in a nursing field. All that’s required is a 500-1000 word essay and that you’re enrolled at an accredited institution. This scholarship amount is $1,000 and is awarded twice a year to a selected applicant who meets all the requirements.


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