A Scholarship for Student-Athletes Plus Coaching Lessons

Short essay, quick video and a $2,500 award.

CoachUp is looking for student athletes who showcase leadership, integrity, and exceptional determination while demonstrating excellence both on and off the court as they aspire to reach to another level in sports and in life. Winners of the CoachUp scholarship will receive $2,000 in addition to a $500 CoachUp gift certificate and private coaching. Coach Up just wants to know how sports has helped shape your life for the better.

In order to be considered for the prizes, you must be a student athlete and complete an application form to be eligible. All applicants must either be a current senior high school student who has already applied to college, or either a current college student who has at least one year of school remaining. You must also write a 500 (and no more) word essay detailing what makes you stand out from other applicants; It’s the perfect time to explain any major contributions you may have made, any adversity that you’ve overcome, or any difficult accomplishments that you’ve achieved. In addition to the essay, you’ll need either a coach, teacher, or mentor to give you a reference. Finally. before submitting your application, you must include a one minute (which is not to exceed 1 minute and 30 seconds). The video is to be considered your “elevator pitch” where you should let your personality shine. Be creative and heartfelt as you share you personal story to young kids and their parents.

After completion of your application, and the approval of your video, it will be posted and entered into a ballot where it can be voted upon. You will also receive an email when both your application and pertaining video has been reviewed along with the next steps to take. The deadline for all applications is May 6th, 2014, Sunday, by midnight PT. The winners will be announced on June 9th, 2014, Tuesday.

CoachUp is an online resource that helps to connect athletes with private coaches for training. They believe that the secret for an athlete to reach the next level in sports and their life is through private coaching. Coach Up is the nation’s leading private coaching company who also happen to be athletes and coaches themselves, including both founders; Arian Radmand who sails and Jordan Fliegel who plays basketball. Through their service, they are dedicated to their mission of helping kids change their lives for the better through sports.

CoachUp believes that a person’s participation in any sport makes fundamental life-enhancing contributions to that person’s mental, physical, and social development. They also believe in being positive role models which in turn is an extraordinarily awarding experience for the coaches when they get to share the sport they love.


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