Advice on Writing the Perfect Essay

Some guidelines to follow when trying to write the perfect essay. Essays will become a big deal in college as there will be plenty, so it’s a good idea to hone your skills now. Learn how to overcome writer’s block and what you can do to ensure a perfect essay every time.

As you well know, many scholarships require essays. And since you’ll be writing a ton in college, it’s a good idea to try to improve your skills now as much as possible. You’ll want to display your comprehensive knowledge on a topic to the reader while also conveying the information as clearly and accurately as possible. Structure, grammar, flow and originality all are important aspects. A well-written essay can earn you a sizable scholarship if your work outperforms and impresses the judges or selection committee. So here are a few tips you should follow when writing.


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It’s a good idea to plan your essay before you actually write it and an outline can help you with that. An outline simply lists everything you want to talk about in an orderly fashion. First, you’ll start with an introduction which will include your main point or thesis. You can either have three points that you address in your introduction and explain them with your supporting paragraphs, or you can have one point and back it up with different angles in the body of your essay. Finally, you’ll have a conclusion which generally restates your opinion and how you validated your point. Planning is always a good idea and can prevent you from writing a disorganized essay which may have solid facts and great points, but won’t flow logically from one point to the next. An outline will help keep everything organized.


Research is very important when writing an essay. You want to be sure all the information you put down on paper is accurate and comprehensive to better explain your point. Details are crucial and can definitely broaden the scope of the thesis you presented in your intro. When researching a topic, the deeper you go on a subject the more information you’ll have to write about which will give better insight to the reader. Plus it’ll help lengthen your essay which is great if you’re required to have a high word count. Just be careful you aren’t jamming the paper with pure facts and no personal opinion. Mix in a few of your thoughts and support them with facts. If you’re having a hard time coming up with ideas, sometimes it’s good to walk away for a bit and just dwell on the subject you’re writing about. Stuff will eventually come to you and you’ll come running back to your paper. You can also draw inspiration on how to write from the professionals by picking up a magazine like Bloomberg or Forbes.


With all the work you put into your essay, when finally finished, it’s a mistake to think it’s all ready to go. You’ll want to proof-read it a few different times because you’ll likely find mistakes that you might’ve missed, or come up with better points that hadn’t come to mind. Proof-reading fortifies every aspect of your paper securely in your mind which inevitable leads to more sub-points and other angles you hadn’t thought of the first go-around. And of course, proper grammar, spelling and punctuation are all good reasons to proof-read. You could have someone else proof-read it for you, but you won’t always have someone else to rely on, so it’s best to just do it yourself.

Remember to Take Breaks

When writing a good essay, practice always makes perfect. You’ll eventually develop an essay writing routine and it’ll become much easier, almost natural, to putting your thoughts down on paper. But again, be sure to take breaks and not exhaust yourself because that’ll only lead to less productivity. Instead, take a run or swim a few laps to help get your mental juices flowing. An article by the New York Times explains that doing something physically active might be better for you than pounding away at your essay. Neurogenesis – the process of creating new brain cells – is found to get a boost from physical activity. Scientists have found that when you learn new things after being physically active, those brain cells join already existing neural networks which helps improve intelligence. So don’t stress if you’re suffering from writer’s block, it may just mean you need to get your blood pumping with some physical activity. If you keep all these things in mind, your essay writing skills will surely improve.

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