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Attending college and working at the same time comes with enormous challenges. The student faces the difficulty of having to shift from the classroom mode to the staff mode every often and may not be able to give the best in both fronts. However, it is the cost of college education that may have the greatest impact on the life and aspirations of such a student. With the cost of college education on a steep rise, many students can rarely earn enough from their work to support their education costs. As a result, they often have to take breaks from their studies, miss exams, live miserably and struggle through their academic pursuits. But things must not always be like that and the Working Student Scholarship is just one of the best financial aids that can help to alleviate the afflictions of working students.

Sponsored by, the Working Student Scholarship is an invaluable award for students who are attending college and working while they study. The annual award of $2,000 is given out during the Fall semester and goes into helping the students pay for the costs of college education. Inspired by the belief that working students should never suffer through their academic pursuits, has created the scholarship to help make life a little easier for them and to help the students balance their academic and work responsibilities a little better. In fact, winners of the scholarship can also acquire the necessary peace of mind to attend to their studies and attain better grades.

To be eligible for the Working Student Scholarship, a student must be currently enrolled in an accredited college or university in the United States and must be currently working while attending classes. Similarly, the student must be enrolled by Fall, when the award is given. The annual award is not renewable and is never repaid by successful applicants. Students are also not expected to attend specific colleges or universities. To apply for the scholarship, qualified students must fill out the application form (available on and provide an essay of at least 800 words that covers the issues of students that work and study at the same time.

Applicants have the freedom to develop their own topics as long as the topics are about the same theme of working while in school. For instance, students can write essays about the lessons, tricks or tips they have learned while trying to balance between working and studying, explain how they managed to find jobs that did not interfere with their class schedules, or highlight the crucial lessons that they have learned through studying and working at the same time which may be relevant and helpful to other students. And whatever topic the applicants choose to write on, they must narrow down to how their experiences can help other people who are struggling to balance their work life with their schooling and social lives.

When submitting their essays, the applicants must give permission to the sponsor to publish the essay on the resource section of the website. Published essays are usually attributed to the authors, with the author name and school appearing at the bottom of every essay. However, applicants who may not want their names to appear on the essays must usually make requests at the top of their essays to direct the sponsor not to make any attributions. ensures that all information provided by the applicants remain completely confidential and only used for alerting winners of the scholarship about their success. also does not write checks to winners of the scholarship, but pays the money directly to the college through the financial aid department of the successful candidate’s college. The application deadline is June 10th of every year.


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