An Easy Scholarship from CenturyLink

Today’s scholarship comes from CenturyLink and is worth $1,000 to students who meet eligibility requirements. The College Isn’t Cheap – Lighten the Load scholarship asks you to answer the question “Do you think traditional or online schooling is better and why?”. These two methods of receiving an education both have their pros and cons, online courses give you more freedom (you’re able to finish assignments at your own pace) while traditional classes instill structure and discipline into your life which will help in the corporate world (attendance, schedule, etc). Online classes are also said to be cheaper than regular classes which are obviously preferred with working adults, yet if you need extra help traditional classes are good because an instructor will always be ready and willing to help out. It’s your job to tally up all the positive and negative sides of each method of receiving an education and submit it to the website before the deadline of December 10.

Application Process

The online application to this scholarship is pretty easy. First, you’ll need to compose your response to the essay question in 250-300 words and post that on a website or blog. You’ll need to include the link on the application before the deadline in order to be eligible to receive the scholarship. They encourage applicants to use examples, use creativity to stand out from among other entries, link to sources from where you get your facts and to be concise since it’s a short essay. Not a lot of work for a $1,000 scholarship. And as long as you have 2.5/4.0 GPA you’re eligible to apply. Incoming freshmen must have taken the ACT or the SAT as well. The scholarship judges will reveal the winner on December 17. They’ll look for entries that have be promoted sufficiently (building backlinks, tweets, likes etc.), are creative, thoughtful and contain a wealth of insight. Email any questions to

More Easy Scholarships to Look Out For

The Search Scholarship from Mvestor Media – This scholarship is worth $500 and has a fairly simple application process. Learn more on how to apply by visiting the link.’s $5,000 Scholarship – A decent scholarship program with a sizable award for students interested in this year’s election. Get all the details by reading the post.

One Year Free Tuition Scholarship – A treasure trove of easy scholarships. This program comes from and is one of the most rewarding scholarships out there. Those who participate can receive $20,000 for their education from the popular scholarship matchmaking site.


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