An Easy Scholarship from is offering their Tuition Won’t Stop Me Scholarship to eligible students that could use a boost over high tuition and fees. This scholarship is super easy and is centered around creating a discussion concerning one of the Education-Portal Academy questions they offer. They encourage you to answer the question on your Facebook page in hopes that other students will participate. You’ll also want it to receive plenty of “Likes” as they are interested in awarding the $1,000 scholarship to the most valuable response. The first step to getting involved is liking their Facebook page. And although the questions are open-ended and based on opinion, critical thinking is necessary as they’re looking for thought-provoking responses that speak to issues students are dealing with. They have various cycles for this scholarship; the deadline for this current fall cycle is December 14th.

Application Process

The application is entirely on their Facebook page and will only take a few minutes to complete. It’s all a matter of giving your best response to the question so as to create a discussion on the topic from other students. They require that you like their Facebook page, complete the online application form and get as many friends and family to join in as possible. The selection committee will determine the winner of this scholarship on a variety of factors with social engagement sure to be one of them. You can view past winners of this scholarship by visiting this page. Once you’ve completed your application be sure to promote it sufficiently since that’ll help your chances of winning.


Education-Portal found its origins in 2002 as the founders tried finding ways to decrease the cost of purchasing college textbooks. What resulted was an online book exchange which gained in popularity rather quickly. That developed into a web media company named Remilon aimed at making education more accessible to students everywhere. is one of many websites that fulfill that purpose. In addition to scholarships, they also provide completely free courses that students can take for college credit via Education Portal Academy. The way they offer college credit is through Credit by Examination which does cost money (upwards to $100 which is less expensive than attending a community college) yet the courses to prepare are free and can be taken by anyone anywhere as long as you have a connection to the Internet. Learn more by visiting this link. Good Luck!


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