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Teenagers are one of the most under-utilized resources for good in our community. Most teenagers are energetic and have a dream about the type of work they would love to do as they get older. Another common trait is that most teenagers have a desire to change their communities for the better. It’s easy to see problems but sometimes it’s hard to get started trying to make a difference and sometimes its hard to find easy scholarships that will help further your education.

This is why Power Poetry has teamed up with Rock Your Block, a mobile social app that connects teens looking for work and volunteer opportunities to employers and organizations looking for help. Power Poetry has just announced a poetry scholarship contest with the grand prize being a $1000 scholarship. This contest has a very simple premise and will be one of the easier poetry scholarships you come across. Write a poem about your “dream job” and how you think it would change your life. This contest allows a teen to dream about how they could be a proactive part of the solution to some of life’s problems while at the same time pursuing a job that makes them happy.

The suggested areas to think about are the nature and type of job of your dreams. We all know that jobs don’t just fall into your lap so what steps will you need to take to reach that dream. This may be training, education or moving to a different area. Education is normally key to succeeding in a field so what type of education are you going to need? Life is also full of challenges so what types of obstacles do you foresee coming your way and how are you going to overcome them? The goal here is get you thinking about your future and how you are going to succeed, this may mean a lucrative career or volunteering to help kids read. Whatever your dream, think about it and then write it down.

The basic requirements are: (1) 25 years of age or younger, (2) current or former high school student who will or is attending a college within the US or its territories, (3) submit an original poem with the poetry slam tag One Job May Change My Life. To enter and compete for this and other easy scholarships you must first become a Power Poet by registering at All entries must be submitted by April 30, 2014. If you have any further questions check out the FAQs on the power poetry site.

Teens have dreams, this is a chance to express yours and to earn $1000 for college.

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