An Easy Scholarship from StorageMart

Details on the ScholarSmarts Scholarship program from StorageMart. Learn about the eligibility requirements, award amounts and due dates for this scholarship.

StorageMart, a company with self-storage units scattered across the US and Canada, offers a $1,000 scholarship to students enrolled in any post-secondary institution. There are no restrictions to eligibility for the ScholarSmarts Scholarship other than being enrolled at an institution by the Fall 2012 semester. The deadline is June 30 and winners will be announced on their Facebook page and YouTube channel on July 21. After sending in your essay, if you want to know whether or not you’ve won, they encourage you to “Like” their Facebook page. Five individuals will be selected to receive the $1,000 ScholarSmarts Scholarship.

Application Process

All that’s required is a simple 500 word essay answering one of two questions: “What link is there between a clutter-free workspace and increased productivity?” or “How has self storage improved your lifestyle?”. Once finished, mail your essay to as an attached Word Document including basic contact information like your name, address, phone number and the name of your school. They want original essays that are well thought-out (no cliches about cleanliness) are innovative and just simply standout from among the crowd. $1,000 is a lot of money for a 500 word essay so it’s a good idea to produce the best piece of writing suitable for the prize. They even suggest that along with books, tuition and fees that you consider perhaps purchasing a storage unit from the company.

Open to Everyone

They really felt it was important not to put too many limitations on this scholarship. Normally, you’ll find scholarships that are either state-specific or focused on a field of study which is definitely helpful to those who are eligible, but really isn’t that effective for promotional purposes. Since they have numerous locations across North America (which implies numerous customers), opening this scholarship opportunity to as many people as possible seemed to be a good idea. This attracts interest in their business which will ultimately lead to higher sales. With that being said, they may have a ton more entries submitted since anyone who hears about it will most likely apply. Also, with many traditional scholarships that require essays, this one’s a bit more lenient as they encourage you to have fun. Adding a touch of humor along with any interesting details or facts will help keep your essay on the minds of the judges. They do require works cited and discourage plagiarism, which is a good idea anyway, but beyond that, they want you to enjoy yourself in producing an entertaining and informative essay.


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