Animation Internships

Locating large studios with refined animation internship programs is a great way to begin your career as an artist. Learn about what studios like Nickelodeon, DreamWorks Animation and Disney have to offer to prospective interns. If you’re an animator in college and searching for internship programs, starting with these studios when sending out resumes wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Finding an animation internship at a big studio is a great way to learn practical information related to your field. They’re likely to have a structured program that’s been refined over the years, making it an awesome place for a fresh intern to learn the ropes. You’ll learn things that can’t be taught in the classroom and meet people that can assist you with career placement. Gaining connections, networking and receiving on-the-job experience is valuable to the intern, but companies are always looking for talent and capturing the heart of the next big hit-maker in one of their programs which will definitely be valuable to them. It’s a win-win situation on both sides. You’ll want to stay away from those so-called “animation” internships that don’t have anything to do with animation at all, but instead run more like errand internship. Finding a studio with a well-established program is probably your best bet from avoiding that nightmarish scenario. Below are a few notable companies to find quality animation internship programs.

Disney Internships

To be able to work as an animator in the exciting world of Disney is the aspiration and dream of many artists in college. Being apart of history by creating blockbuster films the whole family can enjoy while continuing the legacy of Disney through art and animation will benefit future generations and make an animator’s career satisfying and rewarding. The Disney Professional Internship experience has been well-developed over the years, and people from all over the nation apply. Just visit their site for more information on job availability and specific durations of internship programs. They also offer co-op and rotational programs with perks like discounted park admissions, sneak previews of up-coming attractions and valuable educational opportunities through their unique Disney University.

Nickelodeon Internships

This is another great place for animator interns to call home for a while. Nickelodeon offers business skill workshops and Executive Lunches where you can gain more knowledge about your profession from other experienced individuals. Networking and building relationships is a great way to give your career in animation a boost. This program is open to juniors and seniors and they accept resumes for the fall, spring and summer semesters. Along with a resume, you must send a cover letter indicating which shows you’d like to work for and the days you’ll be willing to work.

DreamWorks Animation

There are animation internships available at DreamWorks Animation studios in both the Glendale and Redwood City California locations. They focus heavily on CG films, as these tend to make the most money, so those interested in 3D Animated feature films should apply. You’ll get an inside look at the process of creating a CG film while receiving valuable digital training as an Effects Artist, Digital Surfacer and Animator. They offer classes that’ll further assist in your training, networking opportunities to meet with artists from various departments and just an overall rewarding experience getting an inside look at the company and the process of filmmaking.

Animation Internships

Since animation internships are highly competitive at major studios like these, getting involved with clubs and organizations related to your craft for more internship information would be beneficial. It’s also good to be persistent when applying for internship opportunities, but keep in mind most companies set a six month policy on when you can send your next resume/cover letter. In the meantime, continually update any websites/reels you may have and producing quality artwork will give you a betteer chance of landing a position. Let prospective employers see your passion and unique perspective in art.


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