Apply to These Scholarships with Upcoming Deadlines

Prudence pays off!

Here are a few easy scholarships with deadlines coming up soon. Don’t worry if you’ve missed a deadline for a specific scholarship this year, just keep these companies in mind as they may offer another program next year. Also, to stay up-to-date with current scholarships, be sure to subscribe to the feed by email and once you’re finished with these, be sure to check out more easy scholarships available for the month of April (phew). Anyway, times-a-wastin’!


Discover has an easy scholarship that’s open to high school seniors, college or graduated students, and parents of eligible students. The deadline is April 15 with the program opening way back in January. Students will be notified by the end of May 2014 whether or not they’ve won. Discover is being very generous by giving away $40,000 in scholarships this year. Each individual scholarship is worth $1,000 for your normal, everyday college costs. To enter, simply the complete the registration process that can be found on the site. Once you sign up for and complete the registration process, you can ask for further information like tips and advice on financial aid, other scholarships and strategies to fund their college education.

RevZilla College Scholarship

The College Scholarship Contest offers students a $1,000 scholarship for college expenses. All submissions must be completed by the deadline of April 20. The winner will be announced around June 1. To be eligible for this scholarship students need to be graduating high school seniors or a freshmen or sophomore in college. RevZilla is looking for a dynamite essay answering the question: “how do you think recent advancements [in technology] will benefit motorcycle riders?” When writing the 500-1000 word essay, make sure it stands-out as they’re looking for amazing content that’ll either make them “laugh or cry”.

Calgary Car Dealerships’ “Company Scholarship”

This company is offering a modest $500 scholarship to students either graduating high school and planning to attend college by fall of 2014 or those who are already enrolled. The deadline is April 30. Complete the online application and answer the essay question that asks you to choose a car currently listed on the website and providing three reasons why you’ve chosen that car. They’re looking for the most convincing essay on the specific car that the student selects. Students should consider that their essay will be evaluated on entertaining arguments as well. In terms of writing a winning essay, you should examine all the possible vehicles. A critical element in the selection of a winning essay will be the clarity of the choice, so be explicit in the 3 reasons for selecting a specific vehicle.


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