Architectural Scholarships

These scholarships for architectural students range from $1,500 to $7,000 in awards.

Architectural Scholarships

The job outlook for architectures according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics is expected to grow 17% between 2012 and 2022. That’s a promising and faster than average growth rate. Meaning you can expect to find a plentiful selection of job opportunities after graduation. If you want to minimize the amount of educational debt you’ll incur while pursuing that degree, here are a few architectural scholarships available that you may be qualified for.

Scholarships From Vectorworks

Vectorworks is one company that offers architectural scholarships. Their scholarships come at two different levels. The first is the Vectorworks design scholarship which is awarded to the most creative minds today. This scholarship provides $3,000 for the costs of college and Vectorworks design software. Those that receive the design scholarship are also qualified for the Richard Diehl Design Award. This award provides $7,000 in aid, industry exposure and benefits for your school. This award is extremely prestigious for both you and your school so if you want to be a successful architect you should be competing for this scholarship. Both of Vectorworks’ scholarships provide valuable funding for your education.

Scholarships From the AIA

The American Institute of Architects also provides a wide array of scholarships. If you are thinking about becoming an architect you should take a look at the awards available through the AIA. Their scholarships provide funding for everything from getting certified to paying tuition. One scholarship you should look into is the David W. Lakamp Scholarship which is rewarded to two different students and amounts to $5,000 for their tuition. If you are about to apply for certification you may want to apply for the Jason Pettigrew Memorial ARE scholarship. This scholarship provides you with the entire current edition of the Kaplan ARE library and reimbursement for the cost of each division of the ARE. All architects have to go through the Architect Registration Examination so you definitely should check this scholarship out. There are many different scholarships available through the American Institute of Architects.

Scholarships From Tenshon

Tenshon also offers scholarships for aspiring architects. They offer a $1,500 scholarship for both the Fall and the Spring. To earn this architectural scholarship you must participate in their design competition for shade sail design. The design competition is a wonderful way to practice your architecture skills and if you win you will gain a way to pay for your college. The deadline for the fall semester competition is July 15th and the deadline for the Spring Semester is December 15th so if you are interested in financial aid for college you should definitely consider competing in this great architectural design competition.

If you are interested in being an architect you should look into these scholarships from Tenshon, the AIA and Vectorworks. College can be extremely expensive and all three of these companies provide a wonderful way to help pay for college. Apply for scholarships through this company today.


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