Art Scholarships to Choose From

Art scholarships from reputable organizations

Art scholarships

Art scholarships seem to be a thing of the past since the study of art isn’t exactly considered a profitable career. However, you might be surprised at how generous the art world can be. With the right knowledge on the scholarships available, you should be able to get sufficient backing for your art and pave the way for a fruitful career in doing something you love. Following are some of the best art scholarships you can try out for:

Art Center Scholarships

Scholarships from Art Center are often awarded to students meeting a different set of requirements including: academic excellence, outstanding visual ability, and financial need. A maintaining grade is often asked for, no less than an average of 3.0 GPA to maintain the scholarships. It goes without saying that the scholarship must be renewed every school year with the student subjected to the same requirements to make sure they still meet the standards.

Daring Young Artists to Dream Scholarship

This scholarship comes from the Worldstudio AIGA Scholarships website. The scholarship is available for anyone who wants to make a difference with their art. Favor is given on kids from the minority or those who have low-level income. Once you get the scholarship, around $2,000 to $6,000 will be paid to your chosen school as part of the tuition. Deadline is March 27.

Design Sponge Scholarship

Covering around $500 to $2500 in cash, this type of scholarship does not require the student to spend the money on a particular subject. Instead, they can use it in any way that they feel would further their position in the art world. The Design Sponge scholarship is open to high school and undergraduate students looking at art as their major.

Carrie Crystal Stuckert Memorial Art Scholarship

This one is offered every year, amounting to $1,000 for every student awarded, but this might be changed depending on the funds available. Candidates for the scholarship are asked to write a 2-page biography together with their application letter. Recommendation letters should also be sent for deliberation. The scholarship is open for everyone pursuing visual art in the post secondary level.

Florence Lemke Memorial Scholarship in Fine Arts

If you happen to be a child, great-grandchild, or a grandchild of any veteran located in Washington, you might be eligible for this scholarship. Every year, the Florence Lemke gives around $300 to every high school graduate considering taking fine arts major for college. To qualify for this, individuals must submit at least 3 letters of recommendation, a short essay, and their high school transcript. Academic excellence is usually a plus when making the decision.

Fulbright Foreign Student Program

A government funded scholarship program for international students, this particular program is extensive in its coverage. Part of the funding is offered to international students considering a major in fine arts – although it also cover a wide array of majors to choose from. It is one of the most reliable today with slots opened on almost a yearly basis.

Keep in mind that like all scholarships, art scholarships are awarded on the basis of excellence. For this reason, it is crucial that you always put your best work for every art scholarship application you pursue. Good luck!


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