Athletic Scholarships

Learn about Athletic Scholarships, a good plan of approach, and why it’s so important for schools to find the top athletes. Gain insight in the negotiating process giving you a leg up on the competition. When trying to receive Athletic Scholarships, it’s important you bring all your best points to the table to increase the funding you receive.

Athletic Scholarships offer students with exceptional skills on the field either partial funding or a full ride to the universities who recruit them. Colleges put a big emphasis on sports activities as they can increase revenue for the institution if they have an outstanding team or individual player. For instance, the halo effect a good college football team can have on an institution can inspire more kids to apply to that college (especially out-of-state students who typically pay more in tuition), receive large donations from wealthy fans and gain media coverage without hefty advertising bills. Seeing it from the business side of things, colleges want to recruit the best athletes they can find and are willing to foot the bill if the student can perform well on the field.

How to Find Athletic Scholarships

When searching for Athletic Scholarships, it’s best to start as early as freshman year so that you can hone and improve your skills at a specific sport, locate a college that rewards people in your sport while also keeping a focus on high grades. Practicing your curve ball, increasing shooting accuracy at the 3pt line and nailing those hail mary’s as often as you can while training will surely translate on the field and allow you to catch the eye of coaches looking to recruit. Typically, you need to be top of the class in your sport to receive a full-ride. These scholarships are very competitive so performing to the best of your ability on the field while also achieving high academic scores in class will give you a better chance of receiving the scholarship. You may also find athletic scholarships from organizations or groups who wish to support young athletes from their region.

Toyota / Steve Young Scholar – Athlete Award

This scholarship comes from a partnership between the famous 49ers quarterback, Steve Young, and Toyota. It rewards students who perform well in athletics and academics with $2,500 dollars once accepted. To apply just write an essay on the topic given and send letters of recommendation from a coach, a teacher and an adult or family friend describing your sportsmanship, academic performance and positive character traits outside of school and sports. This is one of four scholarships from the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame organization. Just visit their site for more information.

Michigan Pro Athletes Charity (MPAC)

If you’re an athlete who attends one of Detroit’s Public Schools, you can ask your coach to nominate you for a Professional Athletes Foundation Student Scholarship. Just keep at least a 2.0 GPA, be accepted at a two or four year college and have played at the varsity level for at least one year. Send in your high school transcript, a two page essay, the nomination letter and your application form to this address:

Michigan Pro Athletes Charity
PAF Scholarship
P.O. Box 3561
Farmington Hills, MI 48333

For more information on this and other MPAC scholarships contact

Negotiating Etiquette

If you’ve received an athletic scholarship from either a Division 1 or Division 2 academic institution, once you’re at the table negotiating the amount of funding you’ll receive, be sure you’re polite and not overly aggressive in asking for money. It’s important not to dissuade the recruiter from choosing your son or daughter for a scholarship because of personal opinion. Be reasonable and understanding in negotiations while also presenting facts about why you feel you deserve a certain amount. Remember, you’re not haggling to buy a car, you’re playing the role of the salesman now and no one likes to be pushed into buying things. Include any information about financial need, accomplishments on the field and academic record of the student.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association

Heading to the NCAA in search for Athletic Scholarships should definitely be your first step as they can provide tons of useful information on stats, various scholarships and more. They have scholarships separated by Division with three in total. You’ll find the most scholarships awarded per team by Division 1 schools and likely none from Division 3 (there are 11.5 scholarships available per baseball team at Division 1 schools but only 9 at Division 2 schools). Additionally, don’t be too distraught if you don’t get a full-ride scholarship, there are plenty of Easy Scholarships available that can help cover the difference.


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