Aviation Scholarships For Students To Explore

Check out a few aviation scholarships

Aviation Scholarships

There are a number of aviation scholarships for students to look for today. These are scholarships that will provide students who are interested in the field with coverage for many of the expenses associated with going to school. These include scholarships that have some special requirements but many of them are good for students throughout much of the country, thus providing students with plenty of ideal opportunities to complete their studies or to get into this special field.

Leroy Homer Foundation Scholarship

The Leroy Homer Foundation was founded to help young adults to pursue careers in the field of aviation. Students from 16 to 23 years of age can can apply for this scholarship if they are looking to obtain private pilot licenses. Scholarships are typically worth up to $5,000 and can cover expenses relating to studying to become a pilot. The deadline to sign up for the annual scholarship offer will be January 31 every year. Applications are always posted in October with the deadline being January 31.

GRCF Joshua Esch Mitchell Aviation Scholarship

The GRCP Mitchell Scholarship offers scholarships to students who are pursuing an education in the field of general aviation. This is another scholarship that can be found for up to $5,000 with values varying throughout the year. The values vary by need with the average scholarship being good for about $1,000 per person. A person must have a valid pilot’s certificate to apply for this scholarship. The deadline for the scholarship is April 1.

Emando Roberti Flight Scholarship

Students who have completed solo flights in the past but do not have their PPLs can sign up for the Emando Roberti Scholarship. This is offered by EAA Chapter 613 in Vermont. The scholarship offers up to $1,000 for students who are interested in attaining their licenses and are looking to advance their studies.

It should be noted that some scholarships are targeted towards people in certain geographic areas. The Roberti scholarship can be used by students from all parts of the United States but those on the eastern coast tend to be more likely to acquire it.

Tailwind Foundation Private Pilot Scholarship

Some scholarships require students to travel to certain spots to be eligible. The Tailwind Foundation scholarship is one such example in that it entails students traveling to northwest Arkansas to complete their studies

This scholarship will provide students with up to $6,500 to obtain a PPL in Arkansas. This covers the full cost of training although medical exams from the FAA are not covered with this scholarship.

American Yankee Association Scholarship

The American Yankee scholarship is for students 16 to 21 years of age and is worth up to $2,500. This is for those who want to start training but it can also be for those looking to continue their education. The scholarship will be available until February 1 of each year and is available for students throughout most parts of the country.

All of these choices for aviation scholarships can be found online right now. Interested students should look online soon to get information on all of these scholarships so they can benefit from them well into the future.


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