Bible Scholarships

A few Bible Scholarships for those who belong to the Christian faith. If you feel you’re a spiritual person but still need a bit of worldly wealth to help fund your college tuition, seeking out Christian Scholarships is the way to go. Discover a few listed in this article as well as award amounts and other useful information.

If you’re a Christian, in addition to applying for traditional scholarships, you should seek out award programs that identify with your faith. Bible scholarships come from Christian organizations and Church denominations to financially assist those who either want to become ministers or pursue secular careers – as long as you belong to the fold, and meet other academic criteria, they’ll provide funding for your post-secondary education. If you choose to run across the entire gamut of scholarship categories (athletic, merit-based and religion, etc.) you’re more than likely to receive the financial support you desire. The more scholarships you apply for, the better your chances of winning. To get you started, below are a few Bible Scholarships that you should check out.

Partners Advancing the Kingdom

This scholarship comes from Colorado Christian University and awards winners $1,250 per academic year to Colorado Christian University (CCU) students (up to $5,000). If your parent is an employee of a specific Christian organizations that CCU has partnered with, then you’re eligible to receive this award. The lists of organizations can be found here. CCU has another collaborative scholarship with the Partners in Spiritual Formation Scholarship which awards the same amount to students who are members of these churches.

American Baptist Home Mission Societies

If you belong to an American Baptist church and have been a member for at least a year, you’re eligible to apply for a scholarship from the American Baptist Home Mission Societies scholarship. This organization offers scholarships with varying amounts to undergraduates, graduates, female graduates only, seminary students and more. You can find the different amounts per scholarship as well as requirements on their website. The scholarships for undergraduates require a 500 word essay and special consideration is given to those who are dependents to American Baptist Pastors or are attending a American Baptist affiliated school.

The King’s Daughters and Sons

The International Order of the King’s Daughters and Sons is a Christian organization with over 5,000 members mainly located in North America, but a few are dispersed across different parts of the world. They offer six scholarships; some to help members afford trips to the headquarters in Chautauqua, New York, to learn more about the organization, and others for students pursuing a college education. Their North American Indian Scholarship awards $650 to Native Americans with no restriction to tribal affiliation. If you’re a Native American wishing to attain an education from a technical, vocational or a college, then provide your tribal registration numbers to be accepted for this scholarship. They also offer one grand via a Health Career Scholarship for students pursuing degrees in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physical or occupational therapy and medical technologies. Simply visit this page for more information on requirements and application forms.

Finding Other Bible Scholarships

If you don’t qualify for any of the scholarship programs listed in this article, but belong to a nationally recognized denomination in the Christian faith, head to the official website for your denomination to find out if they provide scholarships. Also, if you go to a large church, you may be able to receive a substantial amount of financial aid with donations from the congregation. Additionally, find out if your church is affiliated with a Christian University since this is another good way to find bible scholarships.


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