Biology Scholarships that Can Be Beneficial for a Career in Biology

A few biology scholarships

Biology Scholarships

Students who decide to have a career in biology can choose from a variety of biology scholarships that could help them achieve their goals. The field of biology offers many opportunities and there is a national drive that can help American people and even minorities to succeed in the domain. Students who want to get a scholarship can choose one of the opportunities below:

Applegarth Biological Scholarship

The sum awarded by this scholarship can vary and you can apply at the National Polytechnic College of Science. The scholarship is meant for upper-division students from the polytechnic who want to become majors in the field of biology. The candidates are chosen according to different factors, such as the level of participation in the community and the contributions made to the department. Because the majority of awards are based on need, you have to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Woods Hole Undergraduate Minorities Fellowship

The scholarship for minorities is offered to undergraduate students having at least two semesters finished at a university or college in the United States. The students must also be permanent residents of the country and they should be willing to learn in fields like marine policy, marine science and oceanographic engineering. The applicants must be aware of the deadline, which is on the date of 15 February. Students from many domains can apply and biology is included. The sum that is awarded can be different for every student.

Legacy Environmental Scholarship

The non-profit organization called Legacy has a series of partnerships for the purpose of making people more responsible in environmental matters. The scholarship offers financial aid to students from Alabama who are at least juniors. You now have the chance to get yourself involved in environmental issues. While as an undergraduate student you can get an award of up to 1,500 dollars, as a graduate student you an receive up to 2,000. The annual deadline is May 3.

Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium Fellowship

Students who graduate at State Penn in domains like engineering, agricultural sciences, mineral science, health, human development and biological research can receive scholarships for the first year and the second year. The deadlines for the application can be different for different situations. The best students will be able to gain knowledge in domains that are space-related and that comply with the NASA Mission Directorates.

ACIL Academic Scholarships

The goals of the ACIL Scholarship Alliance is to prepare the next generation of people who will work in the laboratory testing field. The idea is that the students with the most skills and qualifications should be the ones who get a job in the domain. The scholarship offered by ACIL include rewards of up to 5,000 dollars.

For participating, you have to be at least a junior in the fourth year, to have a bachelor degree or to be in a graduate program in the United States. An additional requirement is being a major in a field like chemistry, geology, engineering, biology, or physics. All applications must be finished until the 3rd of April. There are certain factors considered when a candidate is chosen, such as academic achievements, leadership, financial possibilities and career objectives.


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