BrickHouse Security’s 1st Annual 10,000 Dollar Scholarship

This easy scholarship only requires a quick 500 word essay

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BrickHouse Security is looking to help police officers who have been wounded in the line of duty to receive money that can be used by their children to help pay for their college education. This comes from the company’s annual 10,000 Dollar Scholarship. This is a prominent scholarship that is important for people who are looking for ways to cover the many expenses that they might have to cover when taking care of a college experience.

The 1st Annual 10,000 Dollar Scholarship will give out in 2014 and the second annual edition will be out in May 2015. This is offered by BrickHouse Security, a firm that offers surveillance and security services to businesses and law enforcement firms around the United States. BrickHouse works with many major police departments, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies to offer the best solutions to help take care of many security needs that different entities hold.

The annual scholarship is offered to police offices who have been wounded while serving their communities. The scholarship is good for $10,000 and can be used for one’s child’s education, a spouse’s education or even one’s own education in order to get into a new line of work if needed.

An applicant can sign up at the BrickHouse Security website. A person must be a high school graduate or a current college student and must have a cumulative high school GPA of at least 3.0. A proper transcript will have to be sent out to confirm this. The entire application process can be sent online as a transcript may be scanned and sent out through the secure setup used on the BrickHouse website.

An essay of about 250 to 500 words must also be written. This essay will be about how one’s service and injury have influenced that person’s opinion and view on the importance and value of college education. A proper proof of disability from one’s police department must also be submitted.

This is a scholarship that is due on around April 30 of every year. The annual winner of the award will be announced in May.

In addition, the $10,000 scholarship may be used immediately. This can work at any school that is fully accredited and operates with a four-year educational program.

This is a great scholarship opportunity that is being offered by BrickHouse Security. This is available as a means of saluting those who have given their all in order to protect their communities and will ensure that these people will be able to cover a sizable portion of their college expenses.


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