Business Scholarships

Learn about a few business scholarships available from different organizations. If you have the entrepreneurial spirit and the motivation to see the fruition of your dreams, finding organizations that believe in you enough to partially fund your education can help fend off high student loan debt.

If you’re pursuing a business-related degree, finding organizations that can help you achieve your goals financially as well as provide other benefits is the best way to go. There are many groups that advocate for a certain demographic within a population (women, minorities, disabled, etc), providing resources, scholarships, publications and networking opportunities to help you advance in your career. There are various college-based business scholarships available (just check your institution’s website for more information), but national and international organizations don’t require any hefty tuition payments to join, and will offer scholarships to a wider range of people than those that come from specific institutions. Below are a few organizations that provide business scholarships to certain individuals who meet the criteria.

Jane M. Klausman Business Scholarship

This Business Scholarship is dedicated to women who are determined by the organization to have the best success in business. They’ll award $1,000 at the district level and twelve $5,000 awards internationally. If you’re pursuing a business degree at an accredited institution either online or on-campus, then head over to the website for instructions on applying. Zonta International allows women from around the world access to valuable resources, scholarships and support from other female executives so as to improve the effectiveness of women in society. Simply find the nearest Zonta Club, turn in an application before the deadline and wait to be contacted to see if you won.

DECA Scholarships

The Delta Epsilon Chi Association (DECA) partners with many business like Finish Line, Kmart, Men’s Warehouse and Marriott International to provide over $300,000 in scholarships annually to students who meet eligibility standards. Through DECA’s scholarship program, many business contribute funds with varying criteria so that people with outstanding potential can become leaders in the business world. All the scholarships are merit-based and are given to DECA members. Many notable businesses offer multiple scholarships to individuals with a wide range of eligibility standards. Some require you to be employed at the company, some are dependant on experience related to the business (Marriot International awards four $1,000 scholarships to students with hospitality experience) and others award those who exhibit leadership qualities and community involvement. If you’re pursuing a career related to marketing, finance, hospitality and management, becoming a member of DECA will make available to many resources like networking, internships, conferences and, of course, scholarships.

National Association of Black Accountants

Becoming a member of the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) gives you the opportunity to receive up to $10,000 in scholarship money. You must be enrolled at an accredited institution pursuing a degree in accounting, finance or business. Their largest scholarship comes from partnerships with corporations and can range from $1,000 to $10,000. The organization provides help for minorities so they can overcome any hindrances like poverty or racial inequality in an effort to improve their status in society. They strive to assist people of ethnicity have a larger presence in the business world offering conferences, career advice and publications. Just visit their site for more information about this and other business scholarships for minorities.


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