Campus Discovery’s $2,500 ‘Advice to Your High School Self’ Scholarship

A brief overview of CampusDisocvery’s ‘Advice for Your High School Self’ $2,500 Scholarship. Find out about deadlines, eligibility requirements, application process and more. has a neat $2,500 easy scholarship for college students and recent grads that have a Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree from a 2 or 4 year college or university. CampusDiscovery is a college and scholarship searching site that aims to make the college process easier (the college searching service WiseChoice is their parent company). They offer this scholarship to anyone who completes their interactive scholarship survey and gives the best response to the question “Assume you could go back in time and talk to yourself as a high school senior. Knowing what you know now about college life and making the transition, what advice would you give yourself?” in 200 words or less. Sort of a reflective essay question that should help bring to mind many of the ups and downs you’ve experienced as an undergrad. The deadline is July 31.

Application Process

This scholarship had been open since February of this year so students have had ample time to send in their entries. The application is simple and straightforward and can be completed entirely online. If you haven’t signed up to CampusDiscovery, that’ll be the first thing you’ll need to do. They encourage applicants to submit essays that are creative and well-written so as to stand-out from among the crowd. The judges will base the winning essay on writing ability (25%), wisdom (25%), originality (25%), and overall excellence (25%). Only one scholarship will be given out this year when the panel of judges chooses an entry on October 1. They’ve offered relatively easy scholarhips each year since going live in 2008 that range in amount (some have been as high as $10,000). If you don’t win one this year, bookmarking this site wouldn’t be a bad idea.

About CampusDiscovery

This website is designed to give students a better way to search for colleges. On, you can view student reviews of different institutions and acquire helpful information that’ll present a clearer picture of what a particular school is about. Learn what the tuition prices are, how many students are enrolled, graduation rates, average SAT/ACT scores and GPA of incoming students and even find out about a few eye-opening crime statistics around campus. The website began in theory in 2007 but went live in 2008 after tons of research and planning. There are many scholarship and college matchmaking sites out there that offer easy scholarships and it’s probably not a bad idea to try more than one. This one is fairly simple and only requires a short 200 word essay that can be completed on a Saturday before the deadline. Good Luck!


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