CampusLIVE’s Social Etiquette Scholarship

Some details on a contest for CampusLIVE. They offer simple “bite-sized contests” with varying awards and prizes specifically for college students. If you have any time to spare, check out what they have to offer.

CampusLIVE will award one lucky winner a $500 Visa Gift card just for playing a simple game. The Soical Etiquette Challenge is open to undergraduates and graduate students in need of a few bucks (pretty much everyone, right?). Only one entry is allowed per person and you can expect to know who the winner is approximately 30 days after the deadline. With all winners randomly selected, this contest is not based on performance nor does it require any effort. It’s actually supposed to be fun, so it’s not exactly a scholarship, per se, but I’m sure no one’s complaining. CampusLIVE is a good site to find “bite-sized contests, trivia and games” that college students can participate in to receive free stuff. This is a fairly popular app on Facebook with over 50,000 monthly users. The deadline is June 30 2012

Application Process

It’s real simple to join the contest. All they require is that you either connect with Facebook or join with an email address, let them know what school you go to and you should be good to go. CamusLIVE’s Social Etiquette Challenge is just a fun game to play that shouldn’t take any longer than a few minutes to complete. This company is literally a hotbed of cool prizes and games that anyone in search of easy scholarships should keep on their radar. You can complete any games or trivia they have to offer between, or even in, classes that don’t require your absolute attention. Besides CampusLIVE, another cool contest worth $500 that you should check out is Macy’s College Lifestyle Contest. With this you’re awarded with a Macy’s gift card that you can use to sport out your dorm room.

About CampusLIVE

CampusLIVE is a unique company with a ton of cool perks that college students should enjoy. They’re basically an advertising company specializing in the college demographic for corporations who have had trouble reaching this group. Beginning in 2008, they market brands with enticing campaigns (games, quizzes, contests) that help lure in this vital demographic and turn them into prospective customers. You’ll find games assigned to companies like Chevrolet, McDonalds, AT&T, Amazon, Sovereign Bank, and more. They sort of amplify social media marketing with unique challenges that clients pay based on performance. That is, the more engaged students are, the higher the fee. If interested in winning free stuff, participating wouldn’t hurt since there’s no cost to join. If you hate being advertised too but love winning free stuff, CampusLIVE is a compromise you might enjoy.


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