Chemistry Scholarships

Included in this article is a rundown of a few Chemistry Scholarships for those needing a financial boost. Organizations like the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, American Institute of Chemical Engineers and the American Chemical Society provide scholarships of varying amounts if you meet eligibility requirements.

Whether you’re pursuing a career in aerospace, oceanography, pharmaceuticals or biochemistry, you might need financial assistance to be able to afford the hefty burden of college education. Finding Chemistry Scholarships can be tough, but if you belong to a chemistry-related organization or society, then you might be able to receive scholarships that you wouldn’t otherwise have known about. Below are a few Chemistry Scholarships from different organizations for various fields.

American Chemical Society Scholarships

The American Chemical Society (ACS) can provide up to $5,000 in scholarships to African-American, Hispanic or American Indian to students pursuing chemistry-related degrees. This Chemistry Scholarship has been around since 1994 to help minority students achieve their career gaols by partially funding their education. This award is renewable each year with ACS urging winners to engage in undergraduate research, scientific meetings and receive hands-on-training through internships. Just visit the ACS website and navigate over to the Funding & Awards section for more information.

AIChE Scholarships

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers offers a few different Chemistry Scholarships to student members. This organization requires that you pay a fee for membership but will make available to you all the resources one might need as a chemistry professional (e.g. career support, online chemical engineering courses, an e-library of scientific references and various publications and books at discounted rates). Some of the scholarships they provide include the Fuels and Petrochemicals Division Scholarship which awards high school seniors planning to study engineering or science $1,000 annually; the John J. Mcketta Undergraduate Scholarship for junior and senior students in college planning a career in chemical engineering process industries which awards $5,000 plus a certificate; and, for minority students, they have two awards programs, one for incoming college freshmen and the other for students already enrolled in college; both awards are $1,000 each.

AIAA Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics offers eleven Undergraduate Scholarships of $2,500 to college sophomores, juniors and seniors studying science or engineering-related programs leading to aerospace. They also provide three Graduate Awards of the same amount and two Orville and Wilbur Wright Awards of $5,000. In order to be eligible you must be a member of AIAA, be attending an accredited institution of higher education, maintain GPA of 3.3 and neither have nor will receive a scholarship that is above and beyond your tuition and other education-related expenses. With these awards they hope to financially assist aerospace professionals with great potential as well as inciting more students to join the industry.


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