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college funding solutions

Are you a college student who is looking for fun and creative college funding solutions to pay down your student loan debt? Fundraising sites offer a hands-on alternative way to pay off your educational debt with sponsored contributions. By volunteering your unique talent, skills, and education, you can be sponsored by organizations to help pay down your debt, or you can take the more personal route of marketing your goals and ambitions towards family and friends to raise funds. Here are three fundraising sites that understands your situation and wants to help support your goals.

Go Fund Me is a fundraising site for personal causes and life events. Through this site, many people have been fortunate enough to raise millions of dollars in funds towards their personal goals. These goals include education costs, medical expenses, youth sports and more. As a campaign fund raiser, you can invite others to take part in your story. Simply, create your fundraising campaign, share it with others, receive a bank transfer or check, then enjoy the results.

Piglt is a community of like-minded individuals who encourage students to engage their community for funding towards their higher education and student loan debt. The Piglt community embraces creativity, following your dreams, and the entrepreneurial spirit through the development of individual campaigns that encourage mass collaboration through charitable giving to help fund your goals and make achieving your dreams much easier. Dreamers create a short video campaign outlining their or their organization’s dreams with potential believers (fellow alumni, family, friends, professional relationships and more) who will help contribute to your cause, sometimes in exchange for the unique skills or products you have to offer. Which can also lead to future work or mentoring opportunities.


Zerobound seeks dedicated individuals who wish to volunteer their skills and education with organizations in exchange for sponsorship. Volunteers create a Crowdfunding campaign with a fundraising goal and time in mind. Once the campaign is launched, volunteers raise funds during that select period of time, from their own personal contacts, while Zerobound also helps pool in contacts. Volunteers can raise funds over a series of campaigns to cover the full balance of their student loans including processing and transaction fees and interest. Zerobound transfers funds directly to each volunteer’s student loan company.

Most fundraising sites recommend that you connect your campaign through social sites such as Facebook to help make your sharing success a bit easier. In most cases, individual sponsors will not be taxed on the funds they donate. Most funds are classified as gifts, given they do not exceed the gift tax limit. Service charges, processing fees, and transaction fees do apply for each site, so be sure to review the unique terms and conditions of the college funding solutions site before joining.


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