College Grants for Veterans

Financial Educational Help for Veterans

College Grants for Veterans

If you are a veteran of the military services, you are entitled to grants to further your education. College grants for veterans are a wonderful gift, as the veteran, male or female need never pay back this grant. Grants offer educational venues that are free and clear for the taking. Veterans need to know the first steps to obtaining a grant that will pay for a dreamed of career in a wide variety of areas.

All a veteran need do is educate him or herself on the different grants available to them. Start with the veteran’s affairs office and this helpful staff will put the person on the right track.

Veterans Benefits

He or she will soon find out that the United States Government offers a few different programs. These programs pay the veteran money to pay for his or her education. Please be advised that the amount of money awarded to each veteran depend upon how long he or she served in the military.

The Post 9/11 GI Bill

This bill is for those veterans who served active military duty for at least 90-days after 911. The Department of Veterans Affairs allows a certain amount of money for education based upon how long he or she served. The money allowed serves to pay for total cost of tuition and fees for in-state public colleges. If he or she decides to attend out-of-state or a private college they can receive the national maximum amount only.

The Yellow Ribbon Program

This program will pay all fees and resident tuition for public colleges. There is an exception for veterans entering a private college. In this case, money is paid for the lower actual tuition and fees. If he or she is attending a private or out-of-state college, there may be an out of pocket expense.

In order for veterans to receive benefits through the Yellow Ribbon Program, they must be eligible under the Post 911 GI Bill for maximum benefits. Veterans cannot be in active military service. The veteran must participate in a Yellow Ribbon college. Each college has a participation agreement and cannot accept more participants then their agreement states. When the veteran enrolls in the Yellow Ribbon Program, the school must certify this enrollment.

College Grants for Veterans

Veterans looking for Grant money to return to school will find the federal government is their largest source of educational aid. Federal loans and grants are more flexible in repayment plans then private lending institutions.


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