Congressional Black Caucus Scholarships Give Financial Aid to Gifted Students

The CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) is a 40-something-year-old organization, formed by a group of focused humanitarians in 1971. Over the years, CBC members have sponsored many programs that focus on improving education, health care and other activities. As advocates of human rights and equality, they collectively put emphasis on empowering people of color. Their commitment to enforce such initiatives is plausible as they use the many channels of Congress to voice these concerns. This has opened a gateway of opportunities to reform vulnerable communities by mobilizing financial support and engaging the government. Their statutory authority and constitutional power have steered them in the direction to inaugurate a rich profile of education-focused programs. Today, they offer Congressional Black Caucus Scholarships and other grants to gifted U.S. scholars.

The CBC panel is offering Congressional Black Caucus Scholarships to eligible candidates who meet the standardized requirements. The CBC house primarily target qualifiers of Visual Arts, Performing Arts and other General-Education programs. All applicants must receive a 2.5 minimum GPA scholarship score in any of the above-mentioned courses to qualify.

CBC Visual Arts Scholarship

The CBC introduced their Visual Arts scholarship in 2006. Ten full-time, degree-seeking students will receive up to three thousand dollars each to put towards their studies. The program is open to seniors at the secondary level and prospective college or university undergraduates. Some of the mainstream subjects that qualify are as follows; painting, video production, illustration, ceramics and other variations of decorative arts. Qualifiers must demonstrate competency in their chosen academics and show leadership by investing effort to uplift vulnerable communities. The deadline for applications is May 1, 2014.

CBC General Education Spouses Scholarship

As an on-demand category, CBC members take a flexible approach to approve candidates. The amount of money each student receives, varies, taking into account that it is not a specialized academic-focused program. Degree-seeking undergraduates, enrolled or accepted to accredited universities or colleges, and high school seniors are welcome to apply. Gifted, academically brilliant scholars who show commendable leadership qualities are likely to secure placement. A note to applicants is that CBC members are selective with qualifying institutions. The CBC embraces high regards for eligible students who attend school or live in CBC member districts. June 5, 2014 is the closing date for entries.

CBC Performing Arts Scholarship

In observance of honoring the late Curtis Mayfield, an eclectic performing arts figure; the CBC intends to sponsor ten eligible candidates. This endorsement became a part of their scholarship funding agenda in 2000. The CBC intends to give each successful applicant $3000, presuming that he or she meets all proposed requirements. All Congressional Black Caucus Scholarships have similar requirements that applicants must meet, before acceptance.

This grant accepts potential performing arts candidates, completing their final year in high school or degree-seeking university or college undergraduates. The CBC highly recommends that applicants enroll in an accredited institution, preferably the ones within their vicinity. Some examples of qualifying electives include drama, music, dance, opera and other vocational areas. They are open to entries until May 1, 2014.


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