Cosmetology Scholarships

Find Cosmetology Scholarships from organizations and corporations so that you can finish school without large amounts of debt. Beauty school isn’t cheap, and even if you aren’t that bad off financially, finding scholarships (i.e. free money) is still a worthwhile venture if you’re willing to put a bit of spare time and effort into it outside of school.

Cosmetology Scholarships are available for those pursuing careers as barbers, hairdressers, manicurists, pedicurist or any other profession related to the health and beauty industry. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job outlook for this profession is expected to be good. Yet even with that being the case, the highest median earnings one can receive, according to the bureau, is about $20.41 an hour; so it’s not necessarily a flashy career choice. Still though, if you feel your passions are leading you to a career in cosmetology, finding Cosmetology Scholarships or Grants will help keep any student loan debt low and manageable. You can usually find scholarships from institutions and corporations like those from the Empire Beauty School and the Sally Beauty Scholarship – a major retailer of professional beauty supply products, but it can still take awhile to weed through the complex corporate websites in order to find what you’re looking for. So to help you get started, below are a few Cosmetology Scholarships I found to save you some time so you can simply get started.

AHBAI Cosmetology Scholarship

The American Health and Beauty Aids Institute (AHBAI) provides a $5,000 Cosmetology Scholarship in increments of $250 to beauty school students. They look for those who have an 85 percent or higher grade average and have completed at least 300 hours in school. Over $670,000 have been distributed in scholarships since the foundations inception in 1981. AHBAI offers other programs and events to cosmetologists in an effort to support minorities in the health and beauty care industry. They prefer applicants that are active in extracurricular activities, have won previous awards and exhibit financial need. Just visit the website for more information on this and other scholarships they offer.

Great Clips Scholarships

Great Clips offers funds to cosmetology students through their Alice Madden Barton Scholarship program. If you’re planning a career in either cosmetology or barbering, filling out the simple application for this scholarship might help offset tuition payments. Along with basic information, they only ask you three questions, one of which is an essay that only needs to be a few paragraphs long. This Cosmetology Scholarship is only given twice a year and funds usually vary. For more information just visit this site.

Esthetician Scholarship

The National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors & Associations will award those studying to become estheticians. If you’re pursuing a career where your main area of interest will be the face – giving facials, offering advice on make-up, massages – then applying for this scholarship might help pay $1,000 of your education. They’ll distribute four awards a year with deadlines on the first of March, September, June and December. Have at least an 80% score and an 80% attendance rate in order to be eligible. You can find more information like mailing address and how you’ll be notified on their website. This organization tries to uphold a standard by which skin care professionals are to abide by. They do this through various programs like the National NCEA Certification Program, the NCEA Commission on Accreditation and the NCEA Continuing Education statue.


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