’s “Pursue Your Passion” Scholarship

All that's required is a 3 minute essay and some contact info. is awarding $1,000 to those who can best explain their passion in under 100 words. Pretty simple. Degreed is a unique company that “scores and validates” every bit of education you’ve received. Whether you’ve earned a masters from Yale for law or learned HTML from All that information is stored so as to improve your chances of finding employment and giving you a better picture of the wealth of knowledge you have. All your skill, talent, knowledge and experience should play a role in how employers judge you anyways. They’re promoting a new idea in education that seems to fit more with reality. A degree, in and of itself, isn’t the end all and be all of someone’s knowledge. Often times, the most qualified people in certain areas haven’t received that formal education from a college or university. is so adamant about getting you and employers to realize that that they’ll award any student with best 100 word (aprox. 3 minutes) response $1,000 to help you pursue your passion.


The application process is, again, simple. Just enter some contact info, choose a desired username and password and tell how the scholarship will help you in your quest for knowledge. All students are eligible as long as they’re over 18. Unlike most scholarships (nearly all of them), this program is open to those receiving formal and informal education. Whether you’re heading to Harvard to learn about business or a conference for cinema and media studies, you’re eligible. The most exciting news about this scholarship is that it’s a monthly reoccurring scholarship. Winners for the current month will be notified by email and featured on the blog on the last day of the following month.

More Easy Scholarships

In addition to this monthly scholarship offering, check out what other easy scholarships are due in other months this year to increase your chances of winning some cash for school. Most of the scholarship programs available are open, general scholarships meaning they aren’t restricted to a degree for eligibility. Also, ideally, when it comes to scholarships and an essay is required, it’s best to start writing the essay as soon as possible so that as the deadline approaches you can edit the essay until it’s submission ready!

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These are other scholarships with reoccurring monthly deadlines. Good luck!


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