Delete Cyberbullying Scholarship

Details on a scholarship from If you’ve personally been affected by cyberbullying and want to share your story, this scholarship might earn you $1,500 if your essay satisfies the judges., an organization that disseminates news and information about the effects of cyberbullying, is awarding a $1,500 scholarship open to high school, undergraduate and graduate students. Another scholarship posted earlier in the week was The Bully Project Scholarship from They both try to tackle the same issue with this one being more focused on bullying via the internet. The Delete Cyberbullying Scholarship will be awarded to two individuals who compose the best essay exhibiting their dedication to eradicating cyberbullying. The deadline is June 30, 2012.

Appication Process

The application requires that you complete an essay (500 words or less) answering one of two questions: 1) Why is it important to work to delete cyberbullying? or 2) How has cyberbullying personally affected you? The application can completely be filled out online though you can alternatively download it and mail it to this address:

Delete Cyberbullying
2261 Market Street #291
San Francisco, CA 94114

If truly committed to the harmful effects cyberbullying can have on people, they offer a petition you can sign that pledges your commitment against the act. Winners will be notified on July 31, 2012.

About Cyberbullying

Because of the explosion in popularity of major social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, cyberbullying can oftentimes be pervasive and more powerful than ever before. This organization realizes that there are people that will take advantage of others on social media sites like these, and that it’s impossible to completely eradicate this behavior, but they feel it’s important to promote awareness of this issue in various ways. The more people that know about it, the more likely they are to act. If you’ve been a victim of cyberbullying you can share that story in your essay, otherwise there are countless other stories and examples in news columns and blogs across the net.

The site itself contains resources, articles and various stories about cyberbullying and how harmful it can be to an individual. Whether that be occurrences of cyberbullying in our nation or legislation that deals with the issue, their purpose is to share vaulable updates and stories with other organizations, businesses or visitors interested in the cause. Additionally, because of the popularity of sites like Facebook and Twitter, they provide links to safety guides that one can follow to maintain a safe environment on each social media site. Other groups and resources that you could look to include, and, a research center with publications, news, presentations and more on the topic. Good Luck!


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