Disney Internships

Learn about the various Disney Internship programs and how you can receive information on updated openings. Don’t be left in the dark when trying to intern, but instead take your destiny by the reins and keep yourself in the loop and visible. Find out what the many benefits of interning here are and read practical advice that can help get you in the door.

Disney internships provide great experiences for college students looking to receive on-the-job training for their majors. What you’ll gain from the Disney Professional Internship process is valuable knowledge, exceptional opportunities and an experience that’ll satisfy the taste of many employers after college. They offer internship programs for Corporate, Creative, Entertainment, Operations, Sales and Technology positions. Being able to find an opening might be tough as the process is very competitive, but if you keep at it and are consistent in sending out resumes and checking for openings on their site, then your efforts can pay off and earn you a jumpstart on your career.

Receive Updates on Disney Internships

Disney Internships are paid which lifts this program to a higher status than all your run-of-the-mill non-paying internship programs. They’ll also help with housing and relocation if needed. All the perks and benefits from participating in Disney’s refined internship program (discounted park admission and merchandise, sneak preview of attractions) is why it’s so sought after from college students across the nation. If you want to be able to receive email updates on internship openings from Disney, just visit this webpage and follow the instructions. Also, take a look at Disney Programs Blog to stay in-the-loop concerning updates and new things happening with the company.

Great Place to Work

This is a Fortune 100™ company so landing a job after interning remains the hopes and aspirations of many college students across the nation. Interning more than once at Disney will not only give you greater experience and gain you familiarity with the processes at the company, but may help with gaining a position once graduated. They accept applications from January to March for their summer/fall openings and from August to November for spring. If you’re not accepted on your first try, don’t let your hopes down. The internship process is hugely beneficial so sending out resumes to more than just one company will still be helpful. Just look at it this way, getting accepted to a different internship program will give you yet another experience to put on your resume when applying to Disney the next time.

The Disney Professional Internship Experience

Whatever your major, interning at Disney is a great way to network, build valuable contacts and boost your professional confidence so that you can have a successful and rewarding career. Whether you want to be a Business Development & Planning intern or are searching for the best in Animation Internships, the Disney Professional Internship experience is a great way to gain the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in your professional life. If you’re a dedicated individual with a notable work ethic (earn high GPA, involved in extracurricular activities), then your chances of being accepted are good as long as you keep an eye out for openings and updates.

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