Eagle Scout Scholarships

Becoming an Eagle Scout is a noble title many boys across the nation aspire to attain. If you’ve earned the title Eagle Scout and perform well academically, there are scholarship available to you to help pay for college. Whether you’re participating in a religious faction of the Boy Scouts of America or exemplify civic or military qualities, if you need extra money for school, your Eagle Scout title could give you a financial boost!

Being able to share the same name as our high soaring national bird is a great honor in the Boy Scout tradition. Being a Boy Scout and attaining the eagle rank definitely shows potential that he’ll exhibit character of good standing and be a respectable law-abiding citizen. They’re trained in leadership and service related activities and are introduced to a wide range of new experiences that outsiders are less likely to engage on their own. The Boy Scouts of America have been around since 1911 and the list of merit badges have kept pace with the changing times; from the most ancient archery merit badge created in 1911 to Geocaching – a modernized treasure hunt with GPS-enabled devices. Boy Scouts learn and involve themselves with many of the most important activities in our society today. As a way to further encourage these young men, there are various scholarships available that recognize and honor the achievements they’ve made as Eagle Scouts.

Eagle Scout Scholarships

The National Eagle Scout Association offers many scholarships to Eagle Scouts who could use extra funds attending a four-year college or university. The Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout Academic Scholarship has an award value ranging from between $2,500 to $50,000. You have to meet the minimal score of either the SAT or ACT to be considered and you must also be in financial need. Being involved with extracurricular activities and having a good Scouting record is also recommended. They have other scholarships that fall in certain categories like Religion, Civic and those directed toward specific universities. If you’re an Eagle Scout, this should be the first site you check as you search for scholarships. Below are a few scholarships from each category.


There are scholarships available for Jewish Eagle Scouts from the National Jewish Committee on Scouting looking to attend a four year university or college. Some added requirements for eligibility include being active in your Synagogue and earning the Ner Tamid or Etz Chaim religious emblem. They offer three annual scholarships each awarding $1,000, and one, the Frank L. Weil Memorial Eagle Scout Scholarship Program, awarding second place applicants $500. They also have Catholic Committee and Eastern Orthodox Committee scholarships for students active in those communities.


The American Legion awards $10,000 to the Eagle Scout of the Year and three $2,500 scholarships to three runner-ups. If you’re father or grandfather is an American Legion member or you’re Scouting unit presides over a Legion post (14,000 worldwide), then you’re eligible to apply for this scholarship. If you’re an Eagle Scout who’s earned the Venturing Silver Award, or the Sea Scout Quartermaster Award, then you’re eligible for a scholarship from the Veterans of Foreign Wars Scout of the Year. This is a three tier amount award with first place receiving $5,000, second place $3,000 and third $1,000.

Institutional Scholarships

Colleges and University across the nation award scholarships to Eagle Scouts annually with varying amounts. The University of Evansville offers an impressive renewable Scouting Scholarship of $13,750 each year a student is enrolled. Other Institutions with scholarships include Texas A&M Corps, Newman University and the College of St. Joseph. A full list of institution-specific scholarships and amounts can be found here.

More Scholarship Available

So not only does being an Eagle Scout reward you with practical knowledge in various activities, but it can also save you a ton on tuition and books! If you found these scholarship sources helpful but could use even more, check out a few Easy Scholarships that don’t require any work yet can still reward you with tons of cash! It’s probably not the Eagle Scout way to take the easy way, but with all the time you’ll be spending searching for colleges, being able to apply to a sweepstakes scholarship or a trivia question scholarship will give you a chance to win serious college cash all in your spare time.


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